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It will be played on Easter Thursday, 17 April, at 15 the Net.Uno Venezia - EDP Jesina Femminile game, valid for the national women's football championship series B (group C). In today's press release, it was decided that we attach the women's football department of the National Amateur League Figc. The lagoon club has chosen as the home field, for this game, the Zelarino Sports Center, via Castellana, a plant on the mainland also to meet the needs of the visiting team.

The race had not been disputed, last 23 February, on Carnival Sunday in Venice, because of the lines traced wrong on the pitch of the municipal sports field "Jacopo Reggio" of the Lost Lands at the Lido of Venice. A story that, thanks to social networks, had done quickly, in recent weeks, last week the Federal Court of Justice had accepted the appeal of Net.Uno, sponsored by the lawyer Francesco Mario d'Elia arranging that the game should be played on the field, also canceled the penalty of a point in the standings that the sports judge had inflicted in the first degree, along with the defeat for 0-3 at the table. A historic day for sporting justice - said the lawyer of Elia - the conditions of the plant can not be charged to Net.Uno, which does not manage the plant and does not even have the keys to access the facilities. An abnormal ruling at first instance was remedied, confirming that our society was an injured party ". The fourth section of the Federal Court of Justice, presided over by Professor Mario Serio and composed of Claudio Marchitiello, Ivan De Musso, Vito Giampietro, Giovanni Serges, Carlo Bravi and Antonio Metiteri (secretary), who met in council completely overturned the first instance judgment , accepting, with full formula, the appeal presented by Net.Uno as proposed by the Venetian company and therefore not imposing the Net.Uno no expense for the double trip to the lagoon (this time on the mainland) of the Marche team. "However - explained the president of Net.Uno, Lorenzo Mayer - as I had already assured Jesina leaders, in the field, the 23 last February, freely, understanding the logistical difficulties of Jesina, we have chosen a field of play on the mainland, and we will gladly participate too, even if we are not imposed by the FIGC, with our economic contribution to their travel expenses. I am happy for our girls who risked being penalized by a situation that is certainly not dependent on their will. It is right that we can play the salvation with a number of races, equal to that of all our opponents. The pictures of the crooked lines had also created a heavy image damage to our company, attributing to us this responsibility. The sentence, however, confirms that we have been an injured party of this sad affair, very little sport ". The lawyer of Elia, in a passionate harangue during the hearing last week in Rome, was able to show that there was no correlation between the Net.Uno Venezia Lido, which does not have a plant under management, nor an assigned field for the entire season and the conditions of the pitch, which the City of Venice had intended for that game.
Meanwhile, on Sunday, the Net.Uno is expected by another very important game, in the derby against the "armor" Mestre. It will be played at 15, in the evocative, and unusual setting of San Pietro in Volta, a locality of fishermen, immersed in the sea and the lagoon, on the island of Pellestrina. For the first time, in its history, the sports field will host a match of the national women's B series football championship. The coach of the Venetian Pasquale La Manna, will have to do without Agata Centasso, disqualified for one round.

Attached to this press release:
- The press release Figc Lnd of the 9 April 2014 that formalizes the secupero.
- The full press release of the Federal Court of Justice.
- Photograph of the lawyer Francesco Mario d'Elia, defender of the Company's trust.

This is the complete rose of the Net.One Venezia Lido for the 2013-14 football season entrusted to the coach Pasquale La Manna and to the goalkeeper coach Walter Furian: Roberta Cenedese, bomber of the team wearing the captain's armband, Luisa Cenedese, Maddalena Piana, Enrica Zavagno Elena Stefani, Giulia Cimmieri, Arianna Brotto, Caterina Cedolini, Giulia Piantari, Elena Buran, Anna Padovan, Martina Berni, Caterina Carraro, Camilla Stevani, Marina Toppan, Chiara De Facci, Agata Isabella Centasso, Francesca Pradel, Elena Torresan, Angelica Spinelli, Greta Palombella, Rossella Busetto, Alessia Ghezzo, Sara Barattin, Lilian Johnson,

With kind request, if possible, of publication.

This is the updated list of women's football at the Lido:
1 victory of the Veneto Championship (2012-2013)
1 Veneto Cup C series (2012-2013)
3 Promotions: (from D to C 2002-03) (2 placed and from C series to A2 2010-11), from C to B (2012-13)
1 Veneto Cup D series (2001)
3 Discipline Cup First Team
1 Junior Discipline Cup
Venice Lido, 9 April 2014
ACDF Net Press Office. One Venice Lido
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