Saturday, February 22 2020
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Bad setback for the Orobica that is seen to impose a home draw by the Gallaratesi losing the head of the standings and drastically reducing the possibilities of promotion. Unfortunately, the attitude of the Bergamo team did not live up to the effective strength of the team as they lacked the necessary attention and concentration. At least at the beginning the girls of Mr. Marini did not seem to realize the chance they had of approaching the Serie A and at the end they got caught up in obstructing the opponents in addition to the many errors in the management phase of the ball. Training for the Orobica with the only defection of the injured Poet, Church instead of Salvi, the return of Valente in midfield, Romans and Brasi on the bench.

That is not a day you can understand it from the first steps of the game with the landlord unable to weave good game plots and Azalee decided to take home with every means that fundamental point for salvation. However, the first attempt is Tihsler at 1 'with a tirodal limit without too much conviction ended out. The Azalee responds to 6 'with a conclusion of Seghetto high above the crossbar. At 10 'Church complicates life by not holding a shot from outside Fassi with the ball that ends in the corner. The Orobica fails to break in the host defense with maneuver so we try on the ball inactive as at 16 'when Zangari in the area does not find the right time to hit the head, following a corner, giving the ball to Indino . The game is broken and does not offer big ideas until the 30 'when finally the Bergamo touch the lead with a choral action: Fodri recovers the ball in midfield and serves on the Trojan band, cross from the bottom and on the first pole intervenes under Vavassori measure that does not manages to angular head and the ball ends up in the arms of Indino. At the end of the time at the 43 'Rimondi fishing area Fodri that controls the ball but if it lengthens and then the defense is good to protect the goalkeeper out. First fraction that then ends in white nets. In the second half the Orobica seems to be more determined and convinced and immediately at the 1 'Fodri the advantage is eaten by kicking high at the penalty spot after a good pass by Trojan. The landlords insist and after two punishments kicked off first by Ravasio at 4 'and then by Troiano at 6', at 8 'on a cross from the right of Fodri, Tihsler can not deflect the ball a few meters from the door . Another opportunity for the advantage at the 9 'with Vavassori alone in the center of the tow but the ball is delayed to kick and Indino is good to go out and get his ball. It is always Orobica at the 16 'with a launch of Vezzoli for Tihsler on the right that enters the area but kicks to the side. Azalee's break at the 17 'but Barbini's attempt from outside the area parades abundantly on the bottom. Continue the monologue Bergamo with the umpteenth conclusion of Fodri at 21 'from the left corner of the area but Indino is good to deviate in the corner diving into the corner to his right. At the 25 'comes the long-awaited and deserved advantage of the Orobica: Riva's overwhelming action along the edge of the area and the ball inside to Troiano that from the right bag on the opposite pole. At this point, the owner wants the landlords to manage the result given the inexistent danger of the guests. Unfortunately at the 35 'amnesia of the orobic defense that leaves Seghetto undisturbed, which launches a non-irresistible shooting that surprising Church also complicates a detour. The Bergamo then pour into the half of the guests but with a few ideas and a lot of approximation and can only be dangerous at 40 'with Rimondi on Rizzo's ass sends out of bounds and 48' with the same Rizzo, shot deflected for a corner from Indino. The Gallarese bunker holds until the end and therefore allows the Azalee to come out unscathed from the field of Stezzano. So 1 1 ends a bad game taken a little 'lightly by the landlords who are now again forced to chase the Meda. The Orobica will have to take advantage of the next championship stop to find and unleash that grit and desire to win, in this moment lost, starting with the next game away with Tradate. The road is uphill and it will be hard but believing it is mandatory!

OROBICA CF: Church, Ravasio (from 23 'st Rizzo), Vezzoli, Valente, Tihsler, Troiano (from 33' st Romani), Vavassori (from 16 'st Riva), Rimondi, Pellegrini, Fodri, Zangari. Available: Salvi, Asperti, Brasi, Rizzo, Romans, Quistini, Riva. All .: Marianna Marini.
AZALEE: Indino, Antonello, Segalini, Scurati, Czeczka, Del Raso, Beraha (from 33 'st Pizzo), Seghetto, Peripolli, Fassi, Barbini. Available: Roggiani, Prevosti, Chica, Pizzo, Zanellato, Colombo.
All .: Prestifilippo.
REFEREE: Mr. Matteo Paggiola from Legnago. ASSISTANTS: Mrs. Sara Capelli and Mr. El Khalfaoui Said of Bergamo.
MARKERS: 25 'st Troiano (O), 35' st Saw (A).
AMMONITE: Segalini (A).

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