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The ribs of Fortitudo (7 tesserate lacustrine have previously militated in the line of Fortitudo) is forced to surrender by the babies giallobl├╣; a result that only a few months ago could appear sci-fi. The girls of Mafficini take a huge revenge and pay off with interest the burning defeat of the first leg. The game lasted only a short time since after the return from the interval or after having suffered the Ko network (2-0 della Rizzi) the Battistoli line-up has literally disappeared from the playing area. A praise for the whole team that has brilliantly overshadowed the bad defeat of Tradate. The defender Faccioli could not choose the best day to return to the goal, the goal that broke the balance and that moved the balance of the balance in the direction of the local team.

Fireworks at the start: at the 2 'punishment of Peretti, fist exit of the Begnoni on the feet of the Rizzi that controls well, but shoot badly at the door wide open above the crossbar; at 4 'punishment of the
Maselli with the ball that passes several times back and forth in front of the door defended by Mazzurana without anyone being able to push it inside; at 7 'the stubborn Rasetti conquers a corner that beats well and finds the splendid aerial framed to cross the Faccioli signing the 1-0; at the 12 'the Cordioli fails a check and then the Mascanzoni Debora receives a ball that flings on
cross and on the rivatta the Mascanzoni Dayana finds nothing better than to lean in the arms of the Mazzurana; at the 24 'Boni steals the ball on the three quarters tip the door and throws a fireball that touches the intersection of the opposite poles; at the 30 'another lob over the defense bypasses the Cordioli and draws Parizzi that fails an important ball control; at the 36 'still the Parizzi is at you for
you with the Mazzurana on a launch spoiled by obvious offside not whistled and incredibly puts left side; at the 40 'Fortitudo shows all its beauty with a manual action between
Peretti, who needs the Mecenero, very good to slip for the Rizzi that manages to fail a very easy net shooting again over the crossbar.
The 2-0 network, around the 55 'should be told because four high school games in a row lead to the goal of Rizzi's masterpiece; Caliari in coverage on the side line hooks a very difficult ball
and then he also manages to serve the Sossella which in turn with a magic touch hides the ball to its contender making it pass behind his back and so be able to serve the Boni that with a couple of feints evades the defensive intervention and is found in the conditions to cross the Rizzi that going to the ball, check very well right and then strikes a left from position
angled that leaves the Begnoni stunned (Rizzi has created the network with the highest difficulty coefficient); at 65 'Boni still steals the ball and leaves a lashed from the edge that touches the pole; at 68 'Rasetti fits well centrally but shoots high from a good position; still Rasetti, well served by Peretti, makes a double dribble on De Stefano but the final shot is weak and central; to the
75 'Peretti puts the icing on the cake and after a slalom to the Tomb, reached the limit, strikes a right that goes under the crossbar; at the 80 'still Boni, sees the movement of the Caneo that
after a check he rests on the Rasetti, but the border leaves next to the pole; at the 85 'corner of Rasetti that still catches Peretti on the second pole, shooting on the fly that alone the illusion
of the network; at the 86 'after a lucky rebound the ball arrives at Mascanzoni Debora who shoots on the goalie and on the rejected the only Caffara succeeds incredibly to put on the

The Fortitudo confirms to be a good team between the walls of friends, but the Achilles' heel appears to be the bad away; the -13 between points homemade and those done away from home says all by itself and then the last two away races, both in Trentino Alto Adige will be an excellent test to verify a growing competitive maturity and character even in games away from own nest. Break for the national 6 April and first transfer to the Trento 13 April.
DO NOT FORGET TO THE STEERING WHEEL: "Dear friend, I am writing to you, so I get distracted a little! ... And then I salute you forever".

Networks: 7 'Faccioli, 55' Rizzi, 75 'Peretti
FORTITUDO MOZZECANE: Mazzurana, Pecchini, Cordioli, Sossella (80 'Salaorni), Caliari, Faccioli, Boni F, Rasetti, Mecenero (68' Bindella A), Peretti, Rizzi (55 'Caneo)
AD Colcera, Bonamini, Boni D All.Mafficini
BARDOLINO: Begnoni, De Stefano, Maini, Caffara, Piccin, Venturini, Mascanzoni De, Maselli, Parizzi, Vallante, Mascanzoni From (58 'Marchi)
AD, Grossi, Panzini, Eccher All. Adami
REFEREE: Raus Ludwig of Brescia (German G, and Drago L. of Legnago)
Ammonite: -
Expelled: -

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