Tuesday, December 10 2019
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In the internal match against the Tufara Unita, the rear of the championship, the team of the presidentissimo Maurizio Demofonte does not betray the expectations of his fans, won the three points and with two rounds of advance conquers the mathematics permanence in the important national category. The heat and the commitment of the sporting opponents initially complicated things to the home team but the result was unlocked, after about twenty minutes, the match was absolutely one-way.
The chronicle. In the first quarter of an hour the rossoblu struggling to make mistakes and make many mistakes in the setting phase of the maneuver while the Tufara tries to sting with some interesting restart.

At the 15 ° first real occasion for the Fiano Romano with Topazio freed on the right and crossed for Elisa Novelli who almost touches the intersection. At the 19 ° Sara Boldrini with a long ball from the back triggers the Giangirolami which avoids offside, looks in solitude in front of the extreme defender and realizes in safety: 1 to 0. Doubling a minute 34 ° when Noemi Novelli needs a great assist to Turnone whose shot from the edge of the carambola pole and ends in the net. At the 38 ° great launch in depth of Topaz for Elisa Novelli which exceeds in speed the central defenders in addition to the goalkeeper and scores virtually empty goal. Shortly before the end of the time, at the 42 °, Mancini gets steal the ball from Coccia which stretches to Crisci which ends just outside.
In the second half we see a monologue of the eleven of Mr. Agostini also because the guests have spent a lot in the first fraction. At 6 ° the ball travels from Topazio to Sara Boldrini who crosses for Giangirolami on whose header Michela Piscitelli performs a half miracle. At 12 ° minute quick exchange between Elisa Novelli and Giangirolami that laps the crossbar. A minute later is Topazio to point the door: his low shot is literally shaving the pole. At the 24 ° the number nine of Fiano realizes in his own way the 4 to 0 by rolling on the long ball thrown by Tondelli and overcoming in speed defenders and goalkeeper. At the 25 ° the two Novelli sisters pack the action that brings Turnone to an excellent conclusion of the right-hand side on which the goalkeeper does not even try to intervene. At the 32 ° minute invitation by Elisa Novelli for Topazio who, after a spectacular veronica, makes a parabolic shot that goes into the intersection. After three minutes in goal again Diletta Topazio, this time head, on a corner beaten by Giulia Boldrini. The last network, at the 42 °, is the work of the largest of the Novels who receives from Maurilli and explodes a powerful and precise twenty-meter strike: 8 to 0.

Female Fiano Romano - Tufara Unit 8 - 0
Female Fiano Romano: Polletta, Boldrini S., Montano, Benigni Mancini, Tondelli (25 ° st Sciarra), Giangirolami, Novelli N., Novelli E. (32 ° st Maurilli), Topaz, Turnone (32 ° st Boldrini G.) Available: Fani, Roncetti, Valeriani Coach: Agostini
Tufara Unita: Piscitelli M., Ruggiero (9 ° st Guide), Esposito (20 ° st Piscitelli G.), Gallo, Piscitelli D., Orlando, Coccia, Reale, Crisci, Ruggiero, Piscitelli V. Available: De Lucia, Follo, Mazzoni, Tretola Coach: Falco
Referee: Casalvieri di Avezzano
Markers: 19 ° pt Giangirolami (FFR), 34 ° pt and 25 ° st Turnone (FFR), 38 ° pt and 24 ° st Novelli E. (FFR), 32 ° and 35 ° st Topaz (FFR), 42 ° st Novelli N. (FFR)
Notes: ammonite Reale (TU) and Tondelli (FFR)

Fiano Romano Women's Press Office

Walter Pettinati
Author: Walter PettinatiWebsite: www.pettinati.comEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Founder and author of calciodonne.it



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