Tuesday, December 10 2019
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The great teams, even after collecting two searing defeats, always know how to get up. Lazio once again proves to be a training mat enough to forget the six points lost between Bari and Rome and crashes the Chieti as happened in the first leg. This time the goals are three and not four, but as we have seen in the field the gap could be far greater.
With an attack undermined by the absence of Coletta, Cianci and Berarducci, Pezzotti thinks to load on the shoulders biancocelesti, closing within fifty minutes a match never really questioned. The Lazio full-back, lined up today in attack for too many defections in the advanced department due to disqualification and injuries, opens the dances a few minutes from the whistle beginning collecting a shot of Captain Savini who asks only to be pushed into the network.

The Chieti, under siege, can not set the maneuver, leaving Melis almost disengaged, also due to the great attention in the phase of coverage of fat and companions. The second goal biancoceleste, arrived at the close of the first half, is of another quality: Pezzotti starts from the left, falls twice and right wing behind the impolite defender Teatino.
At the beginning of recovery comes the personal triplet of the number nine biancoceleste (a nice shot of outside on the fly) that mortgages the meeting and seals the three points for the formation of Seleman, who soon will also hit a cross with Castiello, touching poker. In mid-recovery begins the turn of change for the landlords; Chieti scored the flag goal just minutes from the triple whistle, too late to hope to reopen the meeting. The neroverdi have never appeared at the level of a Lazio, the owner of the field, loose and sometimes brilliant, despite the absences that from the beginning of the season the Seleman rose. Satisfied the Lazio coach at the end of the race: "I'm happy for the team and for Pezzotti, who had been forced to skip the two most important games of the season, those with Bari and Rome. Making a hat-trick for a player is always something special. Today that of the team was a great test, we have shown that we want to close the championship properly, in the best way. The same we will do in the last two races, which will see us opposed to Real Marsico and Tufara Unita".

Walter Pettinati
Author: Walter PettinatiWebsite: www.pettinati.comEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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