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Beautiful sunny day in San Mauro Mare and on the excellent playground (in Savignano the former stadium is not ready yet) the teams of Castelvecchio and Venice take to the field.
Two goal chances, one on each side, the first at the 14 'with Venturelli del Castel who, from a good position, shoots the ball supported by Lisi, para Berni; 17 ° long launch of Piana for the Venetian jumps and touches the head Teodorani, ball to Cenedese that stretches the ball, blocks Pacini.
At the 20 'the turn of the match; Cimmieri of Venice lands in the penalty area a wild Pondini for the Director of the match is a penalty with a warning by the defender. On the disk Guidi that displaces Berni and brings the Romagnole to the advantage.

Guest remittance action; goes on the left wing Toppan reaches the limit makes a cross for Stefani who sends out the fly.
A minute after Guiducci's launch for Deidda this serves a delicious pass-through in the area for Venturelli but the free defense.
At the 29 'double Castelvecchio; Fusconi descends on the band and launches Pondini free Guidi, this first towards Lisi the captain burns in speed the defender enters the area and puts in the bag, all very nice.
After the first thirty minutes we realize that today will be a difficult race for the Venetian girls because the Castelvecchio of Mister Nardozza wants to continue the excellent championship so far carried out and with the passing of the minutes the guests show considerable difficulty in managing the ball, suffer the offensive thrust of the gialloverdi and they create very few dangerous occasions also because the Venetian strikers are well controlled by the yellow-green defenders good to anticipate or not to start the adversaries.
Minute 41 'steals ball in midfield Pondini, today really superlative, skips as skittles three opponents reach the limit kicks but the goalkeeper can hardly block.
Before the deadline, the visiting team is shown with a great shot over the crossbar of Brotto, the referee whistles the end of the first half.
Shooting, the music does not change is always the Castelvecchio to hold the reins of the game; in fact at 49 'Deidda serves ball in speed to Pondini that with a cut from the right of the penalty area pierces Berni sending the ball on the second pole to his right for the 3 network to 0.
On the ninth descent of Centasso ball to the dangerous Cenedese that from the edge kicks in goal and Pacini with a plastic parade blocks the ball; the same Pacini is repeated two minutes later on a free kick from the limit struck by Piantari. 13 ° drops Pondini ball to Deidda who relies on Lisi shooting low shot for Berni. From now on it is a monologue of the Romagnole who take possession of the midfield and continue what is a real siege to the host defense. The game continues in the sign of the yellow-who with Lisi at 61 'find the 4 Goal to 0 on an excellent assist by Guidi.
29 ° great shot from outside the area of ​​Balacchi but does not frame the door. 40 ° leaves Lisi on the right wing, is tackled and cut by Centasso, shooting the expulsion of the Venetian who commits a naive foul after being warned a few minutes before. The Castelvecchio spreads and at the 88 'closes the Guiducci set that on the counterattack makes the fifth goal.
The goal of the flag for the Veneto comes at minute 92 'with Cenedese; long throw from the defense for the host captain real thorn in the side of the home defense takes ball and stabs Pacini out.
Excellent performance of the entire Savignanese team that even today showed good play; small signal for Pondini Deidda Guiducci and Guidi in addition to the usual Teodorani and Lisi rocks.


Markers: 20'Guidi rigor (C), 29'Lisi (C), 49'Pondini (C), 61 'Lisi (C), 86'Guiducci (C), 92' Cenedese (N).
Ammonites: 20 'Cimmieri (V), 82' Centasso (V).
Expelled: 85 'Centasso (V) .-

Pacini, Fusconi, Amaduzzi A., Teodorani, Beleffi, Guiducci, Deidda (60 'Balacchi), Venturelli (72' Baiocchi), Lisi, Pondini, Guidi (75 'Vicini).
Leontyeva, Amaduzzi M., Carlini, Farnedi are available.
Coach Gianluca NARDOZZA

Berni, Cimmieri (58 'Pradel), Busetto (58' Cenedese L.), Centasso, Piantari, Piana, Stefani, Buran, Toppan, Cenedese, Brotto.
Available at De Facci, Carraro, Ghezzo.
Easter coach La Manna.

Savignano sul Rubicone 30 March 2014

Press Secretary Castelvecchio Franco SCOLOZZI

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