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A bitter away the one on the field always difficult of Molassana Boero, the Castelfranco CF even if no longer ambitions for the title honors the game by putting on the field a respectable performance. The two teams during the arc of the 90 minutes show flashes of good football and a game organization from the first class, a draw would have been the most correct result, instead the Molassana takes away the whole mail and raises to the final race to the record. The girls of Mister Pistolesi immediately start the game and in the first few minutes Molassana is on the ropes and seems to be a bit surprised by the aggressiveness of the yellow / blue midfield. The couple Bini - Mastalli obtains in the first 10 minutes two punishments from excellent position but are not materialized, while the referee whistles a very doubtful offside on Acuti launched to the network.

Then at '11' is the Molassana who shows up, taking advantage of a mistake by the Tuscan defense, Coppolino lets start a great shot, Baldi's response that is overcome in the second intervention by flying on the opposite side. The Castelfranco resumed his head down to grind the game, getting a good opportunity at 20 ', Rubbioli unleashed on the spot two opponents, puts the ball well on the insertion of Plum but misses the target. At the 27 'it's up to Mastalli to leave the Tuscan fans who have followed the team at the FM stadium with bated breath Boero of Genoa, on the corner of Bini always Mastalli crosses the flight to the door, shame about the wall of defenders who stop the excellent play. It seems good time for the guests, it is Bini's turn shortly after letting go of an outside fireball to get back on punishment, it's up to Belloni to immolate himself with his body to stop the big blow. The girls at home do not seem to find the distance, the pace is high so it still touches Acuti on the passage of Mastalli to put the white-red rearguard in trouble. At the 38 'last action before the break, Doni comes out of the defense imperiously, launches deep Prugna that weakly pulls for a safe parade of Dolphin. In the second half the Castelfranco picks up where he left off, always Bini arrives at the shot that goes high on the crossbar, 4 minutes after Mastalli skips the opponent passes to Acuti who goes to the cross, on the rebound always Acuti tries the shot that goes off on the bottom . At the 10 'cold shower, on a series of unfavorable defensive rebounds Baldi is forced to exit suddenly, on the rejected carambola ball on the feet of Coppolino, good the latter to keep the lucidity and to put in goal (23 ° seasonal center) . The goal, together with the heat, the girls of Mister Pistolesi who works at the exchange, at the 18 'double replacement, leaves Prugna for Montesi and Mastalli for Meropini, debut for her in the B series, it is the latter that just entered the gate for an insidious ball, Acuti throws himself into space but Delfino is careful and neutralizes. At the 22 'comes a caution for Menicucci, (realy of having held for the shirt an opponent) good his test today, fielding speed, malice and determination. At the 31 'mister Pistolesi redraws the team passing the defense to three, infusing the midfield. At the 40 'on the band still an uncontainable Rubbioli from an excellent ball to Acuti that comes the shot weakly, Molassana tries to take advantage of overturns in front, but still finds Menicucci who seems not to feel the heat. The minutes of recovery are 4, but not enough to get the deserved draw. Congratulations to Molassana Boero who proves to be cynical and ruthless team, his three points at the final whistle. A note of merit in this tenth day of return to Rubbioli really uncontrollable on the outside of the day and to Menicucci who was exhausted by the rectangle of play.
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Castelfranco CF
Baldi, Rubbioli, Doni, Venturini, Varriale (Montesi), Caucci, Prugna (Salvini), Menicucci, Bini, Mastalli (Meropini), Acuti.
Available: Talanti, Fogli, Pantani, Galluzzi.
Coach: Pistolesi

Molassana Boero CF
Delfino, Monti, Malatesta, Lombino, Oliviero, Belloni, Basso, Coppola (Tortarolo), Coppolino (Fernandez), Germani, Cadeddu.
Available: Piola, De Agostini, Pozzo, Simonetti.

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