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Bruno Maura


At the end of 90 minutes fought but technically not exciting for the heat and the subdued test of some protagonists the valleys leave three heavy points on the hills of the Langhe.

The beginning seems promising for the valley that in the first ten minutes collect a corner and a punishment to which the Langhe replies with two corners.
At the 15 'Spanu tries the personal action but is stopped by the local goalkeeper. The reply is realized on a punishment from 40 meters on which the Campanino intervenes with his fists. At the 29 'Cazzato out of the way stops Sodini. At 8 'from the end a conclusion of Lavarone ends high and a minute later launched by Moscia is stopped by the timely exit of the goalkeeper.
Before the end of the first fraction Sodini frees to the right: could put at the center where two companions are coming in tow but opts for the conclusion that ends on the outside of the network.
The recovery begins with a cross in Montecucco radiant on which Campanino and the defense are good guard. At 12 'Campanino foils out on Moscia.
In the following five minutes the episodes that mark the race. On the vertical launch of Curcio, Bruno flies and just inside the area anticipates the exit of the goalkeeper and bags: the second assistant is stopped with the flag raised and the race director cancels. A couple of minutes later for a foul in attack the Alba takes a punishment to their own sixteen meters. On the long vertical line, the valleys find discoveries. Montecucco receives ball eludes the intervention of the defender and beats the innocent goalkeeper. The Luserna throws itself on the attack but lacks lucidity and Alba is limited to drying up the sources of the game and doubling on the forward guests. The last big opportunity if you build Spanu at 35 '. He takes the ball mid-field on the center and focuses: reached the limit, hindered by a defender, let start a low shot that goes off the bottom.
After the break of home commitment the 13 April against the Friendship Lagaccio. The goal is to win not to lose further ground from Cuneo in view of the direct clash of the last championship.

SUNRISE: Cazzato, Balocco (from 9 st Aloi), Delodi, Ambrosi (from 50 st Gallo), Aresu, Massa, Moscia, Luciano, Cattaneo, Montecucco, Lavarone (from 30 st Casetta). 12 Olivetti, 13 Genovese, 14 Rizzo, 15 Joly, 16 Rooster, 17 Aloi, 18 Casetta. Dilej trainer

LUSERNA: Campanino, Trivè, Bosi, Curcio (from 40 st Massarelli), Bianco, Zorri, D'Ancona (from 21 st Daniele), Bruno, Sodini, Spanu, Mazzuchetti. 12 Giovannini, 13 Boggio, 14 Gueli, 15 Massarelli, 16 Daniele, 17 Ruby, 18 Minniti. Zorri coach.

REFEREE: Scordo di Novara
ASSISTANTS: Varrese and Barale di Torino

NETWORK: Montecucco 17 st

AMMONITE: Luciano 27 pt and Montecucco 9 st

Alberto Cerruti

In the photograph: Maura Bruno

Enrico Manassero
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