Tuesday, December 10 2019
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Rome remains second in the standings. Derby, a race of a thousand emotions that sometimes limit the show due to the fear of both teams losing. It was not so this time, the two teams are challenged openly giving rise to a race fought and gritty.
The more Roma in the first half, the more balanced the second half with Lazio that reached a draw, tried to conquer the entire stake.
The Roma must do without several injured as the captain Maria Iole Volpi forced to stop at the last moment (you will sit on the bench anyway to stay close to his companions) and field in the field several players with some too much ailment like Lucci and Barreca .

However, no one wants to fail to make his own contribution and grits his teeth.
For how much they will give in field you will not be aware of their not optimal physical situation!
Already at the ready via the Roma has been the opportunity to take the lead, but thwarted the danger is proposed and makes Lazio dangerous.
First real Romanist opportunity around the quarter of an hour with Martinovic, in this irrepressible race, which is flown to the left and is landed by winning a nice free kick but Proietti sends high.
At the 21 'Lazio tries with the n. 7 Fat that sends the ball over the crossbar. At the 23 'very occasional for Roma who can not take advantage of the door left unguarded by the Biancoceleste goalkeeper for a wrong exit. At the 30 'another great opportunity to take the lead for the Giallorossi, but De Vecchis hits the post in the intersection of the lower left corner of the goalkeeper. Shortly thereafter, Proietti steals the ball on the left and shoots hard on goal, the goalkeeper para.
Rome deserves the advantage and this comes almost at the end of the first half with Melania Martinovic. It goes to rest with the result of 1 to 0 for Rome.
The start of the second half saw Lazio take a more aggressive and the race becomes more balanced. Already at the 46 'minute Casaroli is good to stretch on his left and sends an insidious ball into the corner. Responds Roma who wins a free kick shot by the specialist De Luca. For very little De Vecchis does not get there to reiterate it on the net. In five minutes the Roma have at least three occasions to double after De Vecchis, even Proietti and Martinovic could score. But Lazio is not looking, but wrong before sending high over the crossbar and then at 65 'failing an incredible opportunity. On the reversal in front of the Roma sees denying the joy of doubling the crossbar. But Lazio is not going to lose and repeatedly commits Casaroli to 76 'when the number 16 biancoceleste gives the draw to his team. The Roma reacts immediately and is projected decisively forward and at the 86 'still Martinovic kicks in goal and celebrates his personal double in the derby. Rome again ahead. The Giallorossi coach Alessandro Vantaggio enters Rossi for Lucci and Bartolini for Martinovic who comes out with the well-deserved applause. The race is nervous and after a foul play between Proietti and Ioletta the referee is forced to intervene by warning the two players. The biancoceleste is expelled by double yellow. Immediately after De Vecchis comes out and Fusco enters. Nothing can the biancocelesti until the final whistle that gives away the red and yellow festivities. Rome remains second in the stand alone.
Initial formations:
Rome: Casaroli, Simeone, Bevilacqua, Lucci, Lorè, De Vecchis, Barreca, Martinovic, Proietti, Jura.
Lazio: Melis, Monaco, Cela, Savini, Vaccari, Picchi, Grassi, Lombardozzi, Ioletta, Roversi, Castiello.

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Head of Communication ASD ROMA women's soccer
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