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The Orobica perfected his comeback and jumped to the first place in the standings surpassing the Brixen away for 1 to 0 and taking advantage of the draw of Meda. As it turned out to be such, Mr. Marini considered this game delicate given the last good results of South Tyrolean training. The base formation is that of Bergamo with the re-entry of Brasi, Zangari and Pellegrini and the confirmation of Tihsler, Riva and Troiano in attack. The expectations of this meeting regarding difficulties are confirmed right from the start when the landlords play well in midfield and try to surprise their opponents in speed. The first thrust is however to the 1 'of Tihsler that flies to the right overcoming a defender of momentum but his cross finds no compañeras ready to pick it up.

Responds to the reversal in front of Stolzlechner with the ball on the side. At the 3 'the Orobica touches the advantage with a conclusion by Pellegrini in the area that hisses near the right post to Pinteri battuta. Two other conclusions in the following minutes of the Brixen first with Plankl, diverted, and then with Uberegger, parry without difficulty by Salvi. At the 15 'on a corner beaten by Fodri, Troiano fails to hit the ball at the penalty spot from a favorable position. Still Orobica two minutes later with Vezzoli fished alone in the area on the left, which instead of aiming straight at the goal tries to serve a companion, effectively giving the ball to the opponents. The game remains pleasant and with good rhythms with the South Tyrolean decided to sell dearly the skin. Two head shots between the 20 'and the 21' for the Brixen, the first of Kofler rejected with bravura on the ground by Salvi and the second of Uberegger who is lost on the bottom. At the 27 'the defending host defenselessly blocks a Rabanser punishment and the same fate follows a set kick by the new entry Rizzo at the 35'. Great opportunity for the 36 'guest advantage with Tihsler serving as heel in the Fodri area which he kicks from the right but Pinteri overcomes and puts in a corner. On the corner the same goalkeeper comes out empty and Pellegrini almost takes advantage of it. At 38 'it is Troiano's turn to try us from the edge but the conclusion is too central. The first half ends with an initiative by Fodri at the 43 'whose passage in depth is slightly long and this prevents Tihsler from presenting himself in front of Pinteri. So 0 to 0 and all in the locker room. In the second half, the Orobica immediately found the advantage at the 3 ': a free-kick for a foul on Riva and Rizzo let go of a bolide that got into the poles with no chance for Pinteri. The Brixen suffers the blow and fails to regroup, indeed it is the guests who could have the opportunity of doubling at the 5 'when Tihsler on the counterattack does not see and therefore does not serve Riva centrally with a highway in front of him for the door. The Bergamo players continue to control the game and the actions of the South Tyrolean players are reduced to a timid attempt from distance at Plankl's 11 ', saved without difficulty by Salvi and another high Kofler shot. Action of the landlord worthy of note at the 29 'with a throw from the left wing to cut across the area of ​​Kofler, touch of a companion and Rabanser's great shot that Salvi touches in the corner in the corner to his left. At the 34 'Tihsler tries to surprise Pinteri from distance but the South Tyrolean goalkeeper is a good guard and para in safety. At the end of the game, an opportunity for part: at the 42 'a conclusion by Stolzlechner in the area is deflected by a defender and ends up in the arms of Salvi while at the 45' Troiano goes close to doubling by touching the crossing of the poles with a shot at around after a nice triangulation with Fodri. So the Orobica wins 1 at 0 and wins the first result of the fourth consecutive victory, of 12 goals scored and only 1 immediately in as many matches. Now the difficulty will be to maintain the position but captain Vezzoli and companions all have what it takes to play it until the end. Now pay attention to the next home game against the Azalee.

SSV BRIXEN OBI: Pinteri, Rabanser, Wiessteiner, Moling, Kritzinger (from 4 'st Steinhauser), Jaist, Plankl, Uberegger, Niederegger (from 4' st Peer), Kofler, Stolzlechner (from 23 'st Mair). Available: Peer, Mair, Steinhauser, Bielak, Fodor, Sullmann. All .: Fabio Pelanda.
OROBICA CF: Salvi, Rimondi, Zangari, Riva (from 19 'st Vavassori), Brasi, Vezzoli, Troiano, Fodri, Tihsler, Pellegrini, Romani (from 30' pt Rizzo). Available: Church, Asperti, Rizzo, Vavassori, Ravasio, Quistini, Cremonesi. All .: Marianna Marini.
REFEREE: Mr Davide Pederzolli from Merano. ASSISTANTS: Mr. Benito Mazzeo of Bolzano and Mr. Vito Antonio Mancini of Merano.
MARKER: 3 'st Rizzo (O).
AMMONITE: 26 'pt Romani (O), 28' pt Kritzinger (B).

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