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On the playing field of the Bellaria Municipal Stadium, the formations of Virtus Bellaria and Castelvecchio take the field at 19,15 for one of those races with an ancient flavor and a healthy rivalry.
Race immediately downhill for the Savignanese team that at 3 ° goes close to the advantage with Lisi that springs a shot with the ball that ends high of nothing.
7 ° corner kick by Pondini stands out of Teodorani.
Advantage Castelvecchio all'11 ° assists of Pondini to release in the penalty area Lisi, this tow the ball of the chest puts it on the ground and right fulminates Citta.
The landlords try to react with a flare from outside Adejola, which goes off at the bottom and we are at 14 '.
On the other side of the minute 28 'the yellow-green Mister Nardozza pack a very special on the axis Deidda-Beleffi-Venturelli, ball to Guidi but comes with a moment of delay.

35 'Still Castel, Fusconi descends on the band supports Deidda, this opens on the right for Guidi, kicks the fly but is walled by the defense that sends in corner; corner beaten by the omnipresent Pondini skips Teodorani but is good the goalkeeper Citta that comes out and blocks.
40 ° free kick for Virtus from the limit beats Adejola, the ball arrives in the penalty area and Ridolfi and Dulbecco intervene and the ball ends out.
It ends a good first half, fought by both teams with slight supremacy of the host formation.
Shooting out due to injury Pondini in his place Baiocchi; Castelvecchio returns to the field and has immediately had the opportunity to double the number, at the 49 'Venturelli liberated masterfully by Guidi, but he does not score the goal from an excellent position.
52 'still guests forward, Lisi free Guidi who shoots without a shot but the ball is deflected for a corner by the defender, on the subsequent corner kick beaten by Lisi and Teodorani to strike head but still a cautious City.
From the yellow-green doubling to the Bellaria draw; 55 'a wonderful action in speed of Dulbecco, this launches into the area a ball to the millimeter for Cuomo who arrives and explodes right at the corner to the right of Pacini swelling the network.
Still forward the owners of the Bellaria with a flare of right Grassi that ends at the side of the door of the extreme Pacini 62 °; two minutes later with a poisonous diagonal of Bagnini that went off very little.
70 ° He must leave the field limping Deidda, even today for her a performance to be framed.
Minute 75 'landed Farnedi at the edge of the penalty area beats captain Lisi in the center area, go to meet the Farnedi and Venturelli ball for the Castel and also the goalkeeper Citta, nobody touches the ball that is printed on the post.

The final of the race is full of emotions with clamorous goals from Castelvecchio with Vicini Lisi and Venturelli who do not frame the goal.

The final result pleases more the Virtus Bellaria than the Castelvecchio, the gialloverdi have put a lot of heart but unfortunately they have to curse the bad luck, because despite the ball possession in favor, the result has not been released due to imprecision under the net.


Networks: 11 'Lisi (C), 55' Cuomo (V).

Citta, Cuomo, Cannata, Ridolfi, Bizzocchi, Breccia, Dulbecco, D'Ippolito, Adejola, Bagnini, Grassi (58 'Baldini).
Available to De Ronzo, Mughetti, Matrone, Fogli, Marini.
Coach Adriano MARONI

Pacini, Fusconi, Amaduzzi M., Teodorani, Beleffi, Guiducci, Deidda (70 'Vicini), Venturelli, Lisi, Pondini (46' Baiocchi), Guidi (67 'Farnedi).
Leontyeva, Amaduzzi A., Balacchi, Zani are available.
Coach Gianluca NARDOZZA.

Bellaria 23 March 2014

Press Secretary Castelvecchio Women's Soccer Franco Scolozzi

Walter Pettinati
Author: Walter PettinatiWebsite: www.pettinati.comEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Founder and author of calciodonne.it



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