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Good performance of the rossoblu in Casalnuovo di Napoli against a fierce Domina Neapolis Academy, devoted to everything to achieve the goal of play out with which to play in ninety minutes the coveted salvation. It was a balanced race in which the twenty-two athletes did not absolutely save themselves despite the insidious background due to the incessant storm. The Fiano failed to assert the best quality of his collective as the home team played a good test and deserved to leave the ground undefeated. The defenses prevailed over attacks for which the truly dangerous actions were numerically modest and the real "battle" was above all in the middle of the field.

The chronicle. In the first half the two goalkeepers are never strictly engaged unless called into question only with sporadic and unrealistic initiatives. But in the last five minutes there is a call and response between the contenders, with the two signatures, one on each side, the result of two individual feats of the two numbers eleven. In fact, at the minute 42 °, Turnone takes charge of beating a twenty-meter free-kick, slightly moved to the left: a great shot with a right-hand effect and a ball that overcomes the dense barrier and sails down to the crossbar. After three minutes it's up to Polverino to equalize the score and emulate the opponent with an equally authoritative network. In fact, his conclusion from the left corner of the penalty area is really beautiful and draws a trajectory around the ball that ends his race slipping into the network at the second intersection of the poles. Unbelievable!
Even in the second half the competitive spirit is the master and moreover the pounding rain limits the quality of the play. We report only two good opportunities for the Fiano Romano. At 10 ° ghiotta punishment to two in the full area beaten by Topazio with the goal line entirely occupied by the barrier and deflected shot in the corner by an opponent shin. At the 18 ° excellent cross from Maurilli from the left that is rejected head from the defense, the carambola ball near Topazio with a strong shot close to the crossbar.
The comment of Mr. Agostini: "In the first half we were very nervous and contracted and the maneuver was clearly affected. In the second half we held the game ball with more confidence, but Domina's careful defense did not allow us much. The draw can be there. "

Domina Neapolis Academy - Female Fiano Romano 1 - 1
Domina Neapolis Academy: Baldi, Apicella, Avolio, Jackson, Attanasio, Ponticiello, Head, Napolitano (35 ° st Russo), Galluccio (28 ° st Balletta), Fiengo, Polverino Available: Ventresino, Pharaoh Manager: Apples
Female Fiano Romano: Polletta, Boldrini S., Sciarra, Novelli N., Mancini, Tondelli, Giangirolami (39 ° St Montano), Maurilli (20 ° st Benigni), Novelli E., Topazio, Turnone Available: Fani, Roncetti Coach : Agostini
Referee: De Girolamo di Avellino
Markers: 42 ° pt Turnone (FFR), 45 ° pt Polverino (DNA) Notes: ammonite Avolio and Napolitano for Domina Neapolis Academy, Boldrini and Tondelli for the Feminine Fiano Romano

Fiano Romano Women's Press Office

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