Tuesday, January 28 2020
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Sunday cold and with a lot of wind at the O. Martini stadium in Castelfranco, where the girls of Mister Pistolesi are called to a demanding test; the Cuneo team leader comes to Tuscany to take away the three points and to maintain the record in the group.
The first minutes are of Cuneo brand that seems to have a more convinced start, play and quick rebounds put in difficulty the team of Pisa, which gradually rises in tone and takes the game in hand. In the stands the coach of Cuneo (disqualified) assists Librandi who replaces him on the bench.
At the 3 'minute the Cuneo gets a punishment from an excellent position, great shot at the intersection of the poles that finds careful Baldi, a truly spectacular parade for the 1 number of Castelfranco. You have to wait for the thirteenth for a sharp yellow / blue, Mastalli controls, falls on the band and arrives at the shot that ends just off the door defended by Asteggiano.

The game becomes more lively, Mr. Pistolesi tries to open the defense of Cuneo with the exteriors, at the 18 'Prugna becomes insidious on the left wing and shortly after Bini is repeated on the other side with a cross that Asteggiano deviates. At the 25 'Cuneo is alive again with a shot from the right that Baldi blocks safe, always Baldi at the 29' proves to be in the day, on a close head shot performs a miracle. It's the right moment for the Piedmontese who push with conviction, at the 36 'Papaleo exchange - Palombini who gives up the shot to insert a companion on the race, alone in front of the goalkeeper puts in, in the stands the fans of the wedge jump to stand but are frozen from the referee who sees the offside. Three minutes later it is still Prugna for Castelfranco to get dangerous with a cross that deflected the head goes off over the crossbar. At the 40 'Bini landed almost at the edge of the area, beats Menicucci but shoots over the crossbar. You go in the locker room on the 0-0.
In the second half the Castelfranco seems to have come on the field with more conviction and less fear, immediately pressing on the Cuneesi is more suffocating, Caucci maneuver in midfield with more precision while Bini moves well between the lines. It takes 2 'minutes to put the chills at the White-Red, on the back pass weakly attacked Acuti, good still acted in a quick intervention that moves the ball into the corner. Bini beats and the ball is printed on the outside post. The Cuneo seems unprepared at the fulminating start of the opponents, after a minute Montesi steals ball on the back line, the 5 number goes to the shot that crosses the penalty area without finding any compañeras ready to put inside. At 7 'Prugna head extension, Acuti goes to the shot but Sordello is opposed. At the 12 'glorious opportunity for Mastalli who is the ball in front of the feet after a beat and hit in the area, the number 10 tries a lob on Asteggiano, but ends just above the crossbar. The Castelfranco pushes with conviction while the Cuneo seems to take a breath, at the 15 'on a maneuvered action, Menicucci puts a ball in the area, the goalkeeper smanaccia, Plum hooks but is swept by Asteggiato. At 20 'Sordello comes out for Fiorese, ten minutes later leaves the Montesi field for Varriale. The music does not change, Cuneo in clear difficulty on the aggression of the Pisans, to the 32 'on mistake of the defense Cuneense Acuti does not arrive for a while, still careful Asteggiano. At the 33 'comes Prugna per Galluzzi. At 37 'a defensive mistake of Castelfranco gives the opportunity to aim at Palombini and start a fireball that Baldi is good at parrying. At the 38 'mister Pistolesi you play the last change, Menicucci comes out for Morucci who places on the left, the young class' 98 immediately shows its qualities. At the 43 'Morucci jumps his opponents on the wing, arrives at the bottom looks and puts a good ball that Galluzzi does not hit the head for a while, behind him blocks and controls Acuti centering the crossbar. At the 45 'still good exchange Acuti-Galluzzi but Asteggiano still says no, always Asteggiano a minute later on the cue of Acuti for Bini, flies on the pitch and puts out. The 4 minutes of recovery at Castelfranco are not enough to take home the three points of a race, in which the girls of Pistolesi have really given everything. The fans were waiting for a response after the disappointing result with the Sarzanese and have had, the blue-yellow will not make any discounts in the upcoming 4 matches that lead to the closing of the championship. Mention for the two goalkeepers, protagonists of this Sunday.
Castelfranco cf
Baldi, Di Guglielmo, Doni, Venturini, Montesi (Varriale), Caucci, Prugna (Galluzzi), Menicucci (Morucci), Bini, Mastalli, Acuti.
Available: Talanti, Fogli, Pantani, Salvini.
Coach: Pistolesi

Cuneo Cf
Asteggiano, Rosso, Armitano, Zucconelli, Sordello (Fiorese), Pittavino, Librandi, Magnarini, Papaleo, Palombini, Pesce (Giraudo). A disp: Dutto, Bertone, Picco, Minopoli, Colombero. All Minoliti (disqualified) on the Librandi bench.
Available: Dutto, Bertone, Picco, Minopoli, Colombero

Walter Pettinati
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