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Mazzuchetti Benedetta

At the end of the ninth consecutive victory of the second round the Luserna hooks the top of the standings in cohabitation with Cuneo, who at the turning point led with eight points of advantage.

On the eve of today was the race that had to determine which of the immediate pursuers would remain to chase the leaders, conscious, both contenders, that a draw would not have served anyone.
With these assumptions, the two teams start off well and openly.
At 6 'Spanu frees and kicks: on the rejected goalkeeper ends the same ends high.
At 9 'the Ligurian replica is stopped by the timely intervention of Bosi. At the 18 'defensive distraction unraveled by White.
At this point the landlords in the field with a very offensive formation, compared to the last field outputs with the tip Bruno in place of the defender Daniele, raises the center of gravity and increases the pressure that starts from the four strikers and midfielders who steal several balls already on the trocar guest and when this barrier is overcome by long raises, the four defenders prevent the ball reaches the Coppolino, who had placed three seals in the defeat of the valley. At 22 'Bruno does not take advantage of an opportunity, but on the restart that follows Spanu two steps into the area with a soft right is the opposite corner. Molassana's reaction is voluntary but sterile and in doing so exposes itself even more to the tax re-start of the fast forward home. In the last 20 minutes of the first fraction at least five occasions for the doubling are not exploited very little by D'Ancona, Spanu, Zorri (who still said the law in the middle of the field well supported by Curcio), Bruno and Curcio. After 45 exact minutes the first half ends with the regret of not having managed to close the match.
After 8 minutes of recovery Curcio steals the ball at halfway and throws Sodini with precision, the Sardinian striker launches into a duel in speed with the defender and reached the limit starts a left as violent as precise that concludes his race at the bottom of the lot. After 2 minutes the same Sodini would have the opportunity to close the match on the cross of D'Ancona but the turn in the door is weak and central. At the 18 'on a cross the ball hits the hand of the same Sodini that was turning. The referee grants the penalty and Coppolino goes to the transformation. The ball hits the pole to the left of Campanino crosses the whole of the door and goes out on the opposite upright. For the race director, something is not right and orders the repetition. This time the attacker chooses the strength solution and shortens distances.
The landlords seem to be in difficulty because it is difficult to keep the pace of the first hour. At the 23 'Campanino blocks a good conclusion, after being the owner of the area on crosses and corners. After 15 minutes in which the Molassana tries to open the defense but finds hard against Trivè and Mazzuchetti and when it also serves the ball in a side foul serves. After other opportunities not exploited by the forward to the 47 'Curcio, still shiny, free Sodini to the right that advances and concludes with a soft touch.
This victory obtained with the technique yes, but above all with the strength to pursue a goal, beyond that is achieved or not, is the response of a compact group from the president to the warehouse to the controversy of recent weeks.

LUSERNA: Campanino, Trive, Bosi, Curcio, Bianco, Zorri, D'Ancona (from 44 St Sosso), Bruno (from 42 St Boggio), Sodini, Spanu, Mazzuchetti. Available: 12 Giovannini, 14 Ruby, 16 Massarelli, 17 Gueli, 18 Daniele. All. Zorri

REMO: Delfino, Monti, Malatesta, Manconi, Oliviero, Belloni, Basso, Sardelli (from 39 st Lombino), Coppolino, Germani, Coppola (from 32 st Fernandez). Available: 12 Piola, 13 Cadeddu, 14 Cavaleri, 15 De Angelis, 18 Vecciu. All. Morin

ARBITRO Collareta of Novi Ligure
ASSISTANTS Biondo and Tarantini of Turin.

NETWORKS Spanu 23 pt; Sodini 8 st; Coppolino (penalty) 19 st; Sodini 47 st

AMMONITE Trive 20 pt; D'Ancona 14 st; Manconi 25 st

Alberto Cerruti

In the photograph: Benedetta Mazzuchetti

Enrico Manassero
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