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Vicenza. Back to winning the CF SÜDTIROL DAMEN, even if against the last of the class, but the real surprise comes from Trento, where Azzurra stops the leaders Meda and puts back into play the CF SÜDTIROL DAMEN. Vice versa in Bressanone l'Orobica, now a new three-point leader from Alto Adige. One-way match, with the first goals (double!) For Daniela Schwienbacher: the Val d'Ultimo girl needed to score in Serie B, and this will surely give her confidence and momentum. The very young Verena Erlacher also scored for the first time in B, not mistakenly considered one of the most interesting young people of the South Tyrolean school. Also doubled by Dallagiacoma, one of the most consistent girls this year in the Alberti team.

With four days remaining, CF SÜDTIROL DAMEN is three points behind the Orobica and two from Meda: Hope at this point is more than legal. Referee of the three days could be the Bardolino, leaders for the entire first round and must meet all three of the first class.

ATLETICO VICENZA EST: Mattesco, Masetto, Caldaro, Mattarolo G., D'Angelo (62 'Viero), Mattarolo S., Berterrra, Dal Toe, Colombo, Orlando (56' Claunch), Frank. Mecenero, Claunch, Alicea, Viero. All. Di Bona.

CF SUDTIROL DAMEN: Valzolgher, Ferrari (51 'Brunelli G.), DeLuca, Torresani, Righi, Dengg, Dallagiacoma (54' Erlacher), Faes, Pasqualini (72 'Brunello M.), Tonelli, Schwienbacher. Caser, Bon, Varrone, Tonelli L. All. Alberti.

NETWORKS: 6 'Torresani, 9' and 21 'Dallagiacoma; 50 'Schwienbacher, 56' Righi, 64 'Tonelli, 75' Schwienbacher, 86 'Erlacher, 89' Brunello M..


REFEREE: Bonassoli of Bergamo.

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