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Franciacorta: BELOTTI, PELIZZARI (from 20 'st CAIO), BUIZZA, PAGANOTTI, GHILARDI, BARCELLA (from 33' st GERVASI), GASPARI, SANDRINI, COLOMBI (from 20 'st PANDOLFI), MERLI, ASSONI. All. Miro Keci. Available: Mino, Ciocchi, Treccani and Fenaroli.

Bocconi: ROTTOLI, WOLLEB, MORELLI, PISONI. TOSINI, LONGO, ARIOLI, GRANELLO (from 24 'ST BARONCHELLI), OLEOTTI (from 6' ST RONCUCCI), BASSI, POVIA. All. Nazzarena Grilli. Available: Ripamonti, Argiolas, Calgaro, Airaghi and Baccarani.

Referee: Marco Acampora di Schio; assistants: Infalletta and Borromeo di Brescia.

Ammonite: Caio (F) and Gaspari (F). Expelled: Morelli (B) at 10 'and Longo (B) at 31' pt

Notes: Strong wind and low temperatures throughout the race and heavy field for the rain of the previous hours. Present 100 spectators. Recovery: 1 + 3.

Erbusco - Franciacorta throws two more points from the window against a Bocconi to praise for the competition and the heart put on the field, despite having remained with 9 players against 11 for an hour of play. In the first half, in fact, the race director expels first Morelli for the last man's foul at the 10 '. Decision that to everyone present seemed rather severe. Netto the foul from the limit on Gaspari, but questionable to talk about clear opportunity from the network for the Erbuschese striker. Then it is Longo to finish prematurely in the shower, realy insulting the opponent, on the occasion this is Colombi. The best Franciacorta has been seen until the equality of forces in the field has lasted, once the superiority has been obtained, the team has become involved and has not managed to draw effective game plots that would undermine Bocconi's perched fort.

In the first minutes the landlords put on the field more personalities of the opponents, creating good phrases and holding the ball of the game. At the 10 'the first turn of the race: Gaspari comes close to the penalty area, Morelli extends his leg and spreads it out. The inflexible Mr. Acampora di Schio, whistles the punishment and surprise the red-haired player gambling Milan, even if the attacker franciacortina was projected outwards. Race that seems already compromised for the Milanese that overlook a couple of times in the area of ​​the city, without bothering Belotti. The possession of the ball is everything for the landlords but they can not untangle the skein. At half an hour Colombi commits a foul on Longo, between the two flies a few words too much and the race director draws the second red of the match and sends in the locker room n. 6 host. The Franciacorta, however, fails to take advantage of the double numerical advantage and becomes dangerous only with a nice shot from outside Merli in the final, which goes off at the bottom.

In the second half, as a logical, the landlords press more and at 10 'Sandrini has a wonderful opportunity when, received the assist of Gaspari, brings the ball on the left and kicks a sure shot sending high. Shivering three minutes later when Paganotti slipped into full area on the new Roncucci entrance, but the touch is on the ball. At 20 'mister Keci inserts Pandolfi and Caio for Pelizzari and Colombi, in an attempt to unlock the race. At the 27 'is the same Caio to put in the middle for Gaspari who finds the gap, but at the level of the disk kicked incredibly over the crossbar. Franciacorta pushes, but without order and the guests squared in the last sixteen meters with skill. At half an hour, inside also Gervasi for Barcella. Assoni at 37 'harpooned the short defense and seven to eight meters high shoots, then putting his hands in his hair. Three minutes later Pandolfi tries the solo, but his left is rejected by the good Rottoli (first and only true parade of the match). The guests close the gates and there are no other hazards up to 90 'and three minutes of recovery. The meneghine rightly rejoice at the triple whistle. On the other hand, the no time of the Erbuschese team continues.

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