Saturday, 25 January 2020
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SAN ZACCARIA - 23 March 2014: this date will remain indelibly impressed in the history of San Zaccaria. The unleashed team red and white trim a dry 3 0 to rival Mestre and conquered the magical promotion in Serie A 4 days in advance by achieving a historic milestone. Mister Leandri's top manager was too high during the season, leading Group C from the first day thanks to a road-roller race with 58 points (19 wins, one draw and one defeat). At the end of the race all the joy of the team that shared the festivities together with the large audience exploded. The big match showed a San Zaccaria in great dust, which provided an impeccable choral performance. Already at 2 'Simona Cimatti serves an assist with the rev counter deep for Valeria Canini, who controls and pierces inexorably Ghion out, making the' Soprani 'cheer.

At 9 'a conclusion by Cimatti ends slightly. Another occasion at the 22 ': Giorgia Galletti's punishment rejects the goalkeeper, on the rebound arrives Sara Fratini who supports the center for Cimatti for the most comfortable goals without a goal, but the referee cancels for offside. The forcing of the leaders continues: on the corner of Galletti, the unleashed Cimatti pulls a sure shot, Ghion deviates (28 '). In the second half the Mestre is noted with a conclusion of Ranzolin blocked without worries by Miriam Bonaventura (1 '). The tread touches the doubling: descent on the right of Fratini that from an excellent position fails (3 '); the same number red and white 10 goes very close to the target but ends out (11 '). The doubling comes deservedly to the 20 ': amazing assist of Cimatti for Galletti that with a palombella exceeds Ghion, the ball slams on the internal cross then falls near the line, the linesman validates the network and is 2 to 0. The Venetian timidly try to reopen the dispute with an attempt from the distance of Ferron safely parried by Bonaventura (33 '), but it is only an episode because it is the leaders to clearly hold the reins of the match: at 40' on cross of Francesca Mancarella, Cimatti's flying half-volley, a great save for the host defender. Again the bomber 9 number of Ravenna will try again: unstoppable personal action and diagonal low shot out of a breath (46 '). Cimatti crowning his extraordinary test, signing the well-deserved trio in the recovery: he obtains the penalty kick and transforms it impartably (48 '). At the final whistle blast triumph in the stands and in the field to celebrate a historic enterprise for the red and white society.

S. ZACCARIA: Bonaventura, Quadrelli, Piolanti (54 'Catena), Montalti, Galletti, Pancaldi, Canini (69' Gaburro), Mancarella, Cimatti, Fratini (61 'Mariani), Di Marco. A disp .: Montanari, Santoro, Wife, Prenga. All. Leandri.

MESTRE: Ghion, Baesso, Cerina, Tagliapietra (46 'Biban), Malvestio, Sabbadin, Zuanti, Stefanello, Vanin (75' Ferron), Ranzolin, Battaiotto. Available: Pinel, Bortolato, Roncato, Bertoldo, Rossi. All. Minio.
REFEREE: Di Matteo di Roma.
NETWORKS: 2 'Canini, 65' Galletti, 93 'Cimatti (rig.)
NOTES: amm. Cimatti

Walter Pettinati
Author: Walter PettinatiWebsite: www.pettinati.comEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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