Saturday, 25 January 2020
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The Orobica respects the prediction and trimmed six goals to a willing but Atletico Vicenza who in any case in the first half held up the comparison with the most popular opponents. Yet the morning had not started in the best way because Mr. Marini had to completely reinvent the defense because of the defections perinfortunio Poeta, Brasi and Zangari in addition to the poor conditions of Pellegrini. Then the defensive line composed by Rimondi, the junior Livoti and the Roman Romans with Ravasio in support of the occurrence. Also noteworthy is the presence on the bench of two other "spring" such as Castelli and Sartirani.

The game from the first battutepresenta un'Orobica enterprising but resent the three weeks of stoppage proving inaccurate in the conclusions as the 3 'when Fodri is produced in a nice thrust on the right but the cross from the bottom is lost over the crossbar. Still the landlords at 6 'with the same Fodri that after a good incursion of Trojan hits the head by sending the ball near the pole. All'8 'is Asperti who from a good position kicks too much on the goalkeeper who saves. As often happens in football at the 9 'the vicentine go ahead on the first thrust: the launch of 30 meters from the right and the defense of Bergamo leaves completely alone Frank on the other side that has no problems to control and beat the Church. The goal in the cold does not discourage the landlords who react immediately to the 11 'when Riva imitates the teammate kicking too much on the goalkeeper. After a tentativodal limit of Rizzo to 13 'finished high the Orobica comes to draw at the 16': Trojan over two opponents in slalom and accurately puts the center where from the penalty spot controls Fodri and beats learnably Mattesco. The first heat is felt and both formations are affected, so the match goes through a phase of possession of the ball by the orobiche but they do not create big scoring opportunities. At 39 'falls the first good opportunity for the lead but Rizzo inside the area is coordinated right and puts high above the crossbar. Replies a minute later Trojan with the same result. We also see the Atletico at the 41 'with a conclusion that does not create problems for the Church. The time ends with an excellent opportunity at the 44 'for Romans that served by Troiano fails to interfere on the ball, however, in a secluded position and Mattesco puts in a corner. The first fraction closes in 1 parity to 1. In the second half the Orobica recurs with much more attitude and begins an authentic siege of Vicenza. Start at the 3 'Riva, which on the calibrated launch of Rizzo enters the area weakly matira and the opposing goalkeeper rejects. Two minutes later, Riva flies to the left, overcoming an opponent with momentum and puts the area in the middle for Vavassori, who makes a sure shot from Mattesco. On the consequent corner of Troiano is Rizzo not to hit the ball head below. At the 9 'the Bergamo go even closer to the lead with Trojan, caught in the small area, which fails, in clear advantage on the goalkeeper, to hit well and the ball is lost at the bottom of the field. The landlords insist and at the 10 'touches Riva to waste the 2 1 after having freed an opponent in the area kicking slightly to the side. Finally, the efforts produced give the desired result to the 14 'when the unleashed Riva is produced in one of the countless sinking serving the center area the new entry Tihsler who makes a first shot from Mattesco but later reaffirmed on the net, signing the 2 1. On the wings of enthusiasm the landlords also find the 3 1 at 17'with the same Tihsler that this time is wedged centrally jumping two opponents and on the exit of the goalkeeper beats him with the classic shot below. The monologue of the Orobica continues first at 18 'with a shot of Riva well saved by Mattesco, then at 21' with Vavassori filtering in the center between two defenders but pulls on the body of the goalkeeper edinfine to 22 'with a close head shot of Riva that does not find the door. The next opportunity for poker is nothing short of sensational because the usual Riva fails to push the ball into the net with an empty net. General tests for the goal at 25 'thanks to an enlightening verticalization of Valente for Riva that in front of the goalkeeper kicks to the bottom. However, the 4 1 arrives on time to 29 'Tihsler with a hat-trick from far away leaving a sloping bag behind the blameless Mattesco. Demonstrating a great preparation athletics the Orobica continues to grind the game and actions this time with Trojan on the left that is first to dismiss the shot in the area by the goalkeeper and then to 41 'when you stretch too much the ball, after avoiding a fake a' adversary and Mattesco para. At 42 'goals become 5 thanks to Riva who has to do is push the ball into the net after a lavish raid on the right and relative assist of Vavassori. At the end of the 46 'game there is also space for the sixth goal with Tihsler's poker made with a diagonal shot from the right corner of the small area. So the Orobica does not give up and remains one point behind the leaders Meda playing a good first half combined with a devastating second part that leaves intact the chances of final victory in Bergamo. Nonstante the absences who played has shown to be worth and to contribute to the final result whatever it is. Now waiting for the Orobica in the next game is the Brixen between the walls of friends, back from the brilliant success on the ground of Bocconi. Come on so girls!

OROBICA CF: Church, Romans, Rimondi, Livoti (from 35 'pt Valente), Rizzo (from 5' st Tihsler), Vezzoli, Ravasio, Fodri, Vavassori, Troiano, Asperti (from 29 'pt Riva). Available: Salvi, Tihsler, Valente, Pellegrini, Castelli, Sartirani, Riva. All .: Marianna Marini.
ATLETIC VI EST: Mattesco, Cappellari, Mattarolo G., Masetto, Caldaro, D'Angelo, Berterra, Dal Toè, Orlando, Mattarolo S., Frank. Available: Mecenero, Pagani, Colombo, Claunch, Viero. All .: Zoppelletto.
REFEREE: Mrs. Tambini Elena from Como. ASSISTANTS: Mr. Facoetti Cristian and Mr. Capelli Claudio of Bergamo.
MARKERS: 9 'pt Frank (A), 16' pt Foders (O), 14 '17' 29 '46' st Tihsler (O), 42 'st Riva (O).

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