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barreca-roma-de-vecchis14Rome second in the standings, but the promotion goes away.
Acese - Rome was a race to win for both teams, respectively third and second in the standings, to continue to hope for promotion.
The draw that matures, unfortunately, further away the two teams from Pink Sport Time first in the standings that, winning against Lazio, lengthens to six points from Rome.
What derives from these premises, is a tender and exciting race between two beautiful teams that for a long part of the first half can cancel each other with continuous reversals in front. On the tenth, Roma have a good chance to take the lead with Proietti, but the blue-white goalkeeper sends a corner. The two goalkeepers were very good at keeping the doors untouched until the 21 'when the hosts made a foul in the area and the referee whistled for the Giallorossi. Specialist Alessandra Barreca places the ball on the disk and Roma goes ahead.
Despite the continuous efforts of both teams, the result does not change and goes to rest with the capitoline ahead.

The second half follows in toto the first. The two teams face each other openly until a penalty kick, this time assigned to the Acese, does not report the result in a draw. 1 to 1.
Roma try to take the lead until the last second of the game and touch the bang with an incredible Proietti opportunity right at the last action.
Nothing to do the race ends in a draw.
The math still does not close the games, but if there are no sensational things to stop the leaders, the promotion discourse becomes more and more difficult. In fact, the classification currently reads: first to 48 points the Pink Sport Time of Bari, second the Rome with 42 points.

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