Tuesday, January 28 2020
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Nice game and many occasions do not prevent the Arezzo to avoid the defeat with Vittorio Veneto. The final 1-0 comes from a single episode, but the Blue Star remains in third place in the standings
AREZZO - Only misfortune brakes the Stella Azzurra. A well-played match and many scoring opportunities were not enough for the Arezzo company to avoid the big match in the Serie B women's soccer match against Vittorio Veneto. The Venetian with the minimum effort and with just one shot on goal have in fact obtained the maximum result, winning for 1-0 and hooking the same Star in the third place ranking.

At the municipal stadium "Città di Arezzo", the landlords took the field led by new coach Tiziano Pelliccione who required a quick game and with many steps to limit the initiative of strong opponents. This allowed the Stella Azzurra to start the race with impetus and to crush in the first minutes of the game the Veneto in their half, centering a cross after a few seconds with Serena Patu and exalting the reflexes of their goalkeeper with many beautiful saves. With the passing of the minutes, the enormous potential of Vittorio Veneto started to come out, which gained the field by rebalancing the race: despite the unprecedented spring heat, the two teams started to face each other openly, giving life to a beautiful game , intense and well played. In all this, the Blue Star once again confirmed its exceptional defensive hold by blocking any opposing action and keeping the Veneto always far from the door defended by Valeria Mazzola. This script remained unchanged until the middle of the second half when the episode that changed the match took place: a harmless long throw from the Vittorio Veneto was picked up low by the goalkeeper from Arezzo but he incredibly lost the ball on the feet of an opponent who, in disbelief, found himself marking the simplest of goals. The goal shook the Blue Star that, reinvigorated by some substitutions, has resumed attacking trying to exploit the bands but that has not recovered due to an offensive fragility that has prevented to realize the huge amount of opportunities created and therefore to the the end has registered an undeserved defeat. "Vittorio Veneto - says sports director Omar Neri, - has managed to conquer the entire stake without ever really pulling on goal and suffering for long stretches of our game. Our girls still deserve the compliments for what is good shown: this defeat does not affect minimally our exceptional path this season because, in the first year in B, we are still firmly in third place in the standings ".

Arezzo, Tuesday 18 March 2014

Walter Pettinati
Author: Walter PettinatiWebsite: www.pettinati.comEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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