Saturday, 25 January 2020
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A beautiful, brilliant Lazio that plays well, invents, creates. The ninety minutes that saw the biancocelesti defeated by Pink Sport Bari, probably close to rise in the top league, are the summary of the season that is now coming to an end. The public frame is that of great occasions. The Lazio is remodeled, hit by the serious accident occurred to captain Berarducci that, along with other long-term (Pecchia, Ferrazza and Tagliaferri), does not fail to make the neighborhood feel to the team from the stands. And the girls in the field will repay fans and companions with a performance to be framed, punished, as happened in the first leg, from the wheel of fortune that never seems to turn in favor Capitoline.

The whole game was played on home notes, with the leaders unable to create and put Melis in difficulty. The statistics are clear: two shots on goal for Bari (the goal at the beginning of the second half and the football placed by Anaclerio halfway through), a myriad of opportunities for the landlords. But football wins the one who throws it inside, and the cynicism of Bari, as often this season, even yesterday got the better of it. Lazio begins strong, which will never give up for all ninety minutes. Cianci gets rid of three opponents on the left before seeing his own conclusion rejected, Grassi twice launched by Vaccari flies on the right wing. We have to wait for the twentieth, after a phase of study between the two teams, to see the Bari facing the Lazio poles, thanks to Rogation who gets rid of the home defense before being stopped by the defensive collapse of Coletta. At 22 'Cianci still tries alone, three minutes later is the turn of Picchi.

It is a beautiful and lively Lazio, against the pure bolt of the Apulian brand. Excellent proof of Monaco, unusually deployed on the left wing, also impeccable Vaccari and Savini. Five minutes from the interval Coletta shoots on the offside line, anticipates Di Bari and sorts the ball into the area, where the defense of Bari is a good guard. We go to the rest on zero to zero, a result that is very close to Lazio. The cold shower arrives at the opening: Ceci di testa serves Rogation, who rolls right behind Melis. The Lazio rescue does not wait and leaves from the feet of Castiello, which rides for the entire band and serves the right of Coletta, parato, on which retuned Cianci sling, also rejected. At the tenth Grassi wastes the inviting assist of Lombardozzi kicking to the side from a favorable position. The Lazio siege is broken only after half an hour, when a good kick by Anaclerio forces Melis to miracle on the lower right corner. The last clear opportunity happens on the feet of Celli, who wins a contrast at the edge of the area but shoots high on the transverse. Summing up, the leader has collected more than sowed, perhaps helped by greater experience and undoubted cynicism. Lazio is in credit with fate, but certainly comes out head-on.
"A defeat that comes after a game like that hurts - explains Mr. Seleman - as it hurts to think that the team that will rise in Serie A in two races has never been higher, their cynicism has prevailed over everything. I am disappointed for the outcome of the race that has definitely closed the championship, but I think that today's performance is only good for women's football, we were fantastic, we canceled the opponent in every area of ​​the field. under the door, and football teaches that if you do not score, you will eventually be punished.We are going out with the awareness of being a great team matured during the season.In the next the girls will surely be able to tell their own.And now body and soul for the derby to recover the second place in the standings ".
The games for the first place will be closed, even if the math still does not condemn Lazio, but in six days you play the most heartfelt match, the warmest match that, you know, always has a special flavor.

SS LAZIO: Melis, Castiello, Picchi (25'st Celli), Savini, Vaccari, Monaco, Grassi, Roversi (13'st Santoro), Coletta (37'st Pezzotti), Lombardozzi, Cianci
Available: Latini, Cela, Cutillo, Tomassetti. All: Seleman

PINK SPORT TIME: Bari, Maffei, Dell'Ernia, Anaclerio, Trotta, Mitola (14'st De Palo), Pinto, Paolillo, De Giglio (19'st Mariano), Ceci, Rogation
Available: La Forgia, Strisciuglio, Cangiano, Savino. All: Cardone

Referee: Turriello di Napoli
Networks: 5'st Rogation
Notes: ammonite Picchi, Castiello and Santoro

Walter Pettinati
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