Tuesday, December 10 2019
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After the umpteenth stop and an agonistic fast of three weeks, Fiano Romano receives within the walls of the Real Marsico for what was hoped could be the right race to leave behind permanently the hot zone of the struggle for salvation. So instead it was not. The result of parity and above all the rather disappointing performance, perhaps due to the first big heat, leaves both the team and the fans at home with a bitter taste.

Ready, the rossoblu are arranged with an unprecedented 4 - 3 - 3, never experienced before, which makes the maneuver insecure and cumbersome, with some elements in obvious tactical discomfort. However, Fiano makes the match while Real Marsico relies on impromptu but dangerous starts. At the 10 ° Topazio serves Noemi Novelli who tries the shot from distance but sends high over the crossbar. At 13 ° the ball travels from Turnone to Giangirolami to Maurilli whose close shot ends just outside. At the 19 ° Elisa Novelli shows up alone in front of the goalkeeper who manages to repel from the foot and Noemi Novelli fails the greed reticule. At the 27 ° minute the advantage for the locals: Elisa Novelli tames a long throw from the rear of captain Tondelli, overcomes the last defender of momentum, bypasses the goalkeeper and scores empty goal! At the 34 ° Olivieri becomes the protagonist of a solo coast to coast and then supports Besh that hits the post. At the 43 ° the guest team grabs the equal with a free kick kicked by Iannone from a fairly close position: the ball, slow but precise, overrides Polletta and bag in the high angle opposite to that of the bar. Ready reaction of Fiano with Giangirolami that goes to the shot served by Topazio but Del Pizzo is good to relax in the dive and divert to the corner.
In the second half, Mr. Agostini redraws the eleven and proposes a more appropriate 4 - 4 - 2. The game improves significantly. At the 4 ° Noemi Novelli takes charge of a good position: the ball touches the crossbar. At the 12 ° the largest of the Novels serves Topaz who sends out of nothing. On the overturn in front of Festa, he goes off with his foot and hits a sensational pole with a twenty-five-meter rush! At the 25 ° minute, Elisa Novelli is very supportive of her sister Noemi, who ends up weakly on the goalkeeper. After one minute excellent assist by Giulia Boldrini for Elisa Novelli who fails to hook up for a hair. At the 30 ° Fiano returns to the lead with Topazio who excellently served in the area exceeds Del Pizzo with a flat low shot. After five minutes Giulia Boldrini could close the game but wastes the very favorable opportunity at the invitation again of Elisa Novelli. At the 39 ° the guest formation is brought back in a draw, again following the kick placed this time by Stoppelli, with the ball that Polletta lets slip from the hands and is supported in the network by Festa from a few steps. Sin!

Female Fiano Romano - Real Marsico 2 - 2
Feminine Fiano Romano: Polletta, Boldrini S., Sciarra, Novelli N., Mancini, Tondelli, Giangirolami (25 ° st Boldrini G.), Turnone (15 ° st Calistri), Novelli E., Maurilli (30 ° st Benigni G. ), Topazio Available: Roncetti, Montano, Fabbri Coach: Agostini
Real Marsico: Del Pizzo, Aprea (33 St Roberto), Sabatino, Besh, Stoppelli, De Cesare, Festa, De Risi, Iannone, Olivieri, Capponi Available: Buonocore, Fiorillo, Castiglione Coach: De Risi
Referee: Petrella of Viterbo
Markers: 27 ° pt Novelli E. (FFR), 43 ° pt Iannone (RM), 30 ° st Topaz (FFR), 39 ° st Festival (RM)
Fiano Romano Women's Press Office

Walter Pettinati
Author: Walter PettinatiWebsite: www.pettinati.comEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Founder and author of calciodonne.it



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