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Sunday with too many mistakes for the Castelfranco CF that meets a determined and concrete Tarros Sarzanese. At the Stadio O. Martini on an ideal day to play football, the advanced girls of Mr. Pistolesi crashing in front of an obstinate red-black defense; a bit 'for merits of the Sarzanese, much for the carelessness and imprecision of the yellow-blue attack.

The long pause seems to have fallen asleep the Pisans that allow much of the first and second time before receiving the shock that brings them back into the game and makes the stands vibrate in the last 15 minutes. In front of 50 about, the final boarding is not enough to unlock the result from the 1-1, the three points that everyone was waiting for do not arrive. In light of the disappointing results of direct opponents remains the disappointment for having wasted an 'excellent opportunity to rise in the standings.

Chronicle 1 ° Time.
Just very little to understand that it will be a difficult day for the Castelfranco, 4 minutes and Sarzanese guess a cross that goes on the crossbar, Baldi away but finds an opponent ready to put on the net. Do not wait for the reaction of Castelfranco that the 9 '
grabs the draw, a ball that Salvini heads further into the area where Plum easily settles at the bottom of the net for 1-1. It all seems easy but in the passing of time the Castelfranco falls, it breaks up and the midfield does not seem able to play, too many balls wrong. Mastalli has a good chance at 18 'but countered by Capua does not hit the door. At 28 'a free kick by Putti shudders the whole yellow-blue rearguard watching the ball cross the penalty area before finishing out for the throw-in. At the 32 '
still Mastalli on the band frees the defender, puts in but plum late does not hook. They spend a few minutes and even Bini tries, excellent slalom between the defenders, less the shot, however, good number 1 Mengheri that in plastic parade blocks. At the 42 'it seems the good time for the Castelfranco, Bini imitates Mastalli who gets 30 meters of field with the ball before letting out a weak and central shot that Mengheri blocks easily. This closes the first half, with too many controls and passages.
2 ° Time: After 6 minutes is the referee to deny the possible advantage to Castelfranco, whistling a very questionable offside to Prugna. A good ball is born for maneuvered action for Montesi, which is anticipated at the time of shooting. Mister Pistolesi believes that the time has come to change something in midfield so at the 11 'Pantani out for Caucci, the response of the Sarzanese does not wait, exits Tavilla enters Bernardi. Shortly thereafter, it is also time for the entrance to the playing field of Acuti that takes the place of Montesi. The Castelfranco is back on the field in a more aggressive and the effects are seen immediately, excellent exchange Bini-Acuti-Lyuba the cross is good but Prugna is missing. At the 24 'Capua exits for Battolla. At the 31 'Prugna still has a great opportunity, on the launch in depth comes along with the goalkeeper who has the best. At 32 'again a replacement for the Sarzanese, De Paola enters for Costantini. At the 39 'seems done, Acuti launched in the area is blatantly outspoken by the defender, everyone expects the whistle of the race director but does not arrive. IS'
the boarding of the Castelfranco, the Sarzanese seems to no longer find the strength to resist, the 40 'Acuti launched in depth controls badly and stretches the ball just enough for Mengheri to anticipate it.
The referee from 4 minutes of recovery, which are not enough to yellow-blue to unzip the result from the 1-1. A week of time to return to being a concrete and aggressive team as early January, Sunday to the O. Martini of Castelfranco arrives the leaders Cuneo, forbidden to make mistakes. Among the best in the Caucci field for the Castelfranco CF that once entered well weaves the game and brings character, while for the Sarzanese a note of merit to Pascotto, alone in front of the department, holding in breath the duo Doni- Venturini.

Castelfranco cf
Baldi, Rubbioli, Doni, Venturini, Montesi, Varriale, Prugna, Pantani, Bini, Salvini, Mastalli available:
Landi, Fogli, Galluzzi, Meropini, Caucci, Di Guglielmo, Acuti All. Pistolesi Tarros Sarzanese Mengheri, Capua, Garramone, Putti, Suardi, Sacco, Tavilla, Costantini, Pascotto, Alberti, Iacopini available:
Iemma, Bernardi, Marku, De Paola, Battolla All. Di Memmo

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