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Bolzano. The CF SÜDTIROL fails to beat the Tradate and sees the gap again from the first (Real Meda, victorious against Zensky Padova) a- 4 points.
The girls of Alberti as usual create a lot, but fail to materialize in the last few meters. And to think that the only goal ball, almost as a gift to Tradate, has meant that their strongest player, Gritti, scored the 0-1 at the 57 'minute. The goal is made after a short delay of defense that puts the No. 9 of Tradate to pull freely to the door of Valzolgher. And to think that the best opportunity for the CFS literally wasted Captain Tonelli, who missed a penalty (shot to the side), after a foul on Torresani.

As said the girls of Alberti create a lot, but already as against the Brixen, fail to finalize. Very active Dallagiacoma that already at the 30 'with a slalom of his drinks half defense of Tradate but fails to score. Tonelli twice, but blatantly at the 80 'tries to score, but the goalkeeper holds the ball well. When it was time to expire, here is that Chiara Pasqualini pulls out his pride of bomber and scores a goal of his. But unfortunately there is no more time. because the referee, very fiscal with the CFS, whistles the end after only three minutes of recovery.

In the photo: the exultation after the Pasqualini Goal at 89 '

CF SÜDTIROL: Valzolgher, De Luca (87 'Varrone), Brunello G. (82' Ferrari), Torresani, Righi, Dengg, Dallagiacoma, Faes, Pasqualini, Tonelli A., Brunello M. (67 'Erlacher) Trainer: Alberti

TRADES: Ventura, Piccolo, Previtali, Stefanazzi, Florio, Signorelli, (51 'Rantuccio), Minaudo, Peccina (80'Cassataro), Gritti, Di Lascio, Ferraro. Trainer: Rivola.

Referee: Raus (BS), Ass.1 Gravina, Ass.2 Periello (Merano)

Networks: 57 'Gritti (TRA), 89' Pasqualini (CFS)
Amonite: Piccolo (TRA) and Previtali (TRA)
150 viewers around
Notes: At the 34 'Tonelli sends out a penalty awarded for landing in Torresani area

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