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oristano-villacidro14Tharros. The Villacidro snatches the victory at the end and wins the derby redeeming the defeat for two to zero of the first leg. A lot felt by both companies; a crowded audience showed up in the stands this afternoon to watch the long-awaited derby. The first twenty minutes of the game saw a balanced race in which the teams developed their plot in midfield. Half an hour, however, are the owners of the house to have the ball in hand: there are many, in fact, the opportunities created by the locals. It is not new to see Oristano collect goals without scoring. In the second half the local march seems more decisive; guests try to limit the damage as much as possible.

The oristanesi become dangerous with Romina Pinna but wasting face to face with the goalkeeper. The Villacidro sees little and nothing from the parts of Pignagnoli, except for a few flashes of Saiu and above all thanks to the timely closures of Lay (pictured). At the 50 'is Deriu's time for Pieri injured, here Atletico Oristano is definitely at the front attraction and increases the pace creating countless occasions. To become protagonist is still the former torresina that fails to frame the mirror and is wrong not to serve Mattana all alone. At the 60 'inside also Sotgiu that goes to place behind the tips, but every attempt is in vain: to the 80' it remains still to inviolate nets. At the 90 'cold shower arrives for Oristano: lethal counterattack of the guests that with Atzori put the seal condemning the Atletico Oristano to an undeserved defeat. the Oristano, therefore, continues to lose positions in the league in a league that now has nothing to ask and takes the ninth defeat of the season; The Villacidro puts the arrow and exceeds their cousins ‚Äč‚Äčtaking to the sixth place. At home Oristano there is so much regret, after a start of the swinging season the girls of Silvetti in December were at the top of the standings, then something went wrong, perhaps more cynicism and malice would put things in the right track.
At the end of the match, the Concas manager bitterly chewed: "We were very keen on it, it's always a derby and losing so many chances are hard to swallow, but football wins the score, they were good at exploiting the only chance we had. Now we turn the page and think about closing the championship head-on ".
The Densor Lay: "As usual it is always the same music, too wrong in the door and then we are punished, losing in this way, when the game is over, annoying".

Atletico Oristano. Pignagnoli, Carta, Pieri (50 'Deriu), Lay, Bonati, Carai, Agus (60' Sotgiu), Postiglione, Fragni, Mattana, Pinna. R.

Villacidro. Mulas, Balestri, Sancassini, Angius, Contu, Mattana, Pili, Casula, Panzali, Saiu, Atzori.

Piero Silvetti

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