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The derby with the San Zaccaria always has a different taste from the others, and the one seen today confirms the series.
It is played on the neutral field of San Mauro Mare, in the presence of about two hundred fans for the unavailability of the former municipal Savignano who is doing the trick again.
Start surprising for the Castelvecchio and the first actions are all for the yellow-green who go close to the net with a great shot by Erika Lisi on the seventh, which from the edge receives ball from Deidda, skips the defender kick and sends the ball just above the crossbar .
The San Zaccaria reacts and at 13 ° comes the first real action towards Pacini's door; fast interchange Cimatti Galletti striking the ball from the outside, but the ball went wide.

And so we get to the minute 15 ° where the referee "invents" a penalty kick in favor of San Zaccaria; throw harmless in the penalty area of ​​Castelvecchio, on the ball Carlini tows the ball with his shoulder and wide arm, here amid the amazement of the public the race director whistles the maximum punishment, which Mariani transforms.
Castelvecchio stunned and incredulous reorganizes himself and at the 23 'launch of Teodorani for Beleffi, this free Guidi to the limit that serves a delicious passage in the area unmarked for Pondini who kicks and puts to the side of nothing.
A minute later and the San Zaccaria with Gaburro striking but not framing the door.
The match is broken and fought especially in midfield, with fouls as it wants a derby that respects and the game is affected, with the two teams that can not tackle major actions
Minute 32 'falls on the band Cimatti exceeds speed in the defender reaches the limit kicks but Pacini para with confidence.
38 ° triangulation Deidda Beleffi Guidi, the latter with a low shot from the edge worries the goalkeeper Bonaventura that blocks.
46 ° the Ravenna area double; Galletti launches Cimatti, the defense of Castelvecchio is in line and the striker in net out of the game at least two meters, snaps takes the ball and exceeds Pacini. Network between the disbelief of all with the line marker (sleeper) that does not report the irregularity. People in the bleachers lose patience and rant against an incapable trio.
The first half ends with the San Zaccaria that with the minimum effort is the advantage of two nets at zero.
Shooting, the game changes immediately and at the 48 ° an amazing Pondini falls on the right wing and from the edge of the penalty area shoots a slash that goes into the seven right of the door defense of the extreme Ravennate.
At this point the Castelvecchio starts to set up various actions like the 63 'Fusconi launches Guiducci for Deidda, which crosses the center and Venturelli arrives with a moment of delay.
Castel still at the 71 ° corner kicked by Pondini jumps to head Teodorani header but para Bonaventura.
Fusconi's descent to the 79 'gives Deidda a ball, long throw for Pondini who tries to surprise the goalkeeper from distance, but the ball ends over the crossbar.
83 'In the passing of the minutes the Castelvecchio becomes more and more dangerous, first with a punishment from Pondini, then with triangles between Vicini, Farnedi and Lisi, but without reaching the conclusion.
The San Zaccaria is shown with some action, always with Cimatti, but the local rearguard Amaduzzi Fusconi Carlini Teodorani is always very careful.
You get to the ninetieth and on the triple whistle of the referee Mr. Grassi of Arezzo, we had the feeling of being robbed, not by the opposing team that brings nothing home with three points to extend its ranking, but from a bad referee that he favored the leaders (who certainly did not need them) without a shadow of doubt; shame because without gifts maybe we would be talking about another game.

NETWORKS: 15 'Mariani (rig.) (S), 46' Cimatti (S), 48 'Pondini (C) .-

Pacini, Fusconi, Amaduzzi A., Teodorani, Beleffi (46 'Venturelli), Carlini, Deidda, Guiducci (82' Farnedi), Lisi, Pondini, Guidi (80 'Vicini).
Available Leontyeva, Amaduzzi A., Balacchi, Morelli.
Coach Gianluca NARDOZZA

Bonaventura, Quadrelli, Santoro (77 'Catena), Montalti, Wife (61' Canini), Pancaldi, Gaburro (75 'Prenga), Mancarella, Cimatti, Mariani, Galletti.
At disposal Montanari, Omicini, Di Marco, Fratini.
Coach Jacopo LEANDRI.

San Mauro Mare 16 March 2014

Press Secretary Castelvecchio Franco SCOLOZZI

Walter Pettinati
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