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DAncona Alessia

Centering the row of victories and taking advantage of the draw at home Cuneo, the team of President Voglino halves the gap from the leaders.

What to say of a race won with four goals against an opponent who has concluded once to the door
The start is not crackling even for the heat (19 degrees) and for a Torino that leaves the Pontius isolated forward and the others behind the ball line. Difficult to find spaces. At the 10 'beautiful downhill Mazzuchetti on the right ended with a cross back at the edge of the area: the conclusion of Zorri ends to the side. Follows an action by D'Ancona that is free but from a decentralized position concludes high.
At the 20 'the race is unlocked: free kick from the trocar on the left. The restaurant impressed by Zorri puts in trouble the goalkeeper who messes up in the exit thus favoring the intervention behind his Bosi that has to do with the door.
At 26 'a violent penalty by Sodini is controlled by the local goalkeeper. At the 32 'on a free kick from the right tries to end the flight Morena Spanu. The sphere ends at the side with the immobile goalkeeper.
At the 38 'that will prove to be the only conclusion of the grenade. Just after half the field the Rinero notices the goalkeeper valigiano slightly out of position and tries to surprise him: the conclusion ends to the side. The biancazzurre react immediately and at the end of the following action Spanu finds with his eyes closed Sodini behind the defense: control, a fake on the goalkeeper and the conclusion under the crossbar. Thus ends the first half.
As the first closed, the second half opens. At the 8 'opening of Zorri for D'Ancona on the right: reached the bottom puts the ball in the middle, the Sodini goes early on the first pole and signing the personal double ended the race in fact because you can not see how the grenade can worry the defense of the valley, especially as it is the forward that the midfielders with their pressure prevent them from passing the halfway. At the 17 'following a handball the referee decreed the penalty that D'Ancona achieves by displacing the goalkeeper. Until the end of the occasions for D'Ancona, Spanu and Bruno but substantially Luserna controls the race with a prolonged possession of the ball.
Sunday at 15,00 home commitment against Molassana third force of the championship that is chasing only two points, with the valleys who, in addition to continuing the pursuit of the Cuneo will want to cancel the 4 1 suffered in the first leg.

TURIN: Mognol, Favole Stefania, Vullo, Rinero, Verga, Nicco, Cianciana (from 18 'st Pasquariello), Traversi, Ponzio, Seminara, Shakai (from 8' st Polito). 12 Polito 13 Pasquariello. All. Nicco.

LUSERNA: Campanino, Trive, Bosi, Curcio (from 1 'st Bruno), Bianco, Daniele (from 18 st Massarelli), D'Ancona, Zorri, Sodini (from 28 st Rubino), Spanu, Mazzuchetti. 12 Giovannini, 13 Boggio, 14 Sosso, 15 Ruby, 16 Massarelli, 17 Bruno, 18 Carofalo. All. Zorri.

REFEREE: Andrea Colombo from Como
ASSISTANTS: Maria Grazia L'Abbate and Giuseppe Alibrio of Turin.

NETWORKS: Bosi 19 pt. Samples 40 pt. Sodini 8 st. D'Ancona on penalty 17 st.

AMMONITE: Shakai 12 pt.

Alberto Cerruti

In the photograph: Alessia D'Ancona

Enrico Manassero
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