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Change on the bench at Net.One: Pasquale La Manna arrives.

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net-Easter-the-mannaChange on the bench of the Net.One Venice Lido, engaged in the women's national league championship B. In place of Pierangelo Pasqual arrives Pasquale La Manna to lead the team towards the salvation enterprise in the national championship. Pasqual concludes his adventure on the rossoblu bench with a budget of 9 points fruit of 2 wins, 3 draws and 12 defeats, in 17 matches, leaving however the team in full play-out area with salvation still possible. In the final budget has certainly weighed the negative strip of 9 defeated in the last 10 matches.

"Numbers that do not give the right value to the great work carried out from June to today by Piero Pasqual - commented the president Lorenzo Mayer - that, also on behalf of the sports director of the Company, Dino Vianello, I would like to thank him warmly for the commitment and the work he has always guaranteed, together with his deputy Walter Furian, with a readiness always at 100 per cent for the cause. In particular, my thanks go to the patient work of construction of the group that he faced in June, with an imploded internal situation, contributing, in a decisive way, to a correct restoration of human relations and to the fact that the Net.Due Venezia, could join the championship by continuing to live ". But then why a change? "Together with the coach - continued Mayer - we have judged that this was the best solution for the good of the team. A breakthrough was needed, there are still six games left and I think the team has every chance to achieve salvation. An entire group without victories also weighed on the team's internal balance. For the reasons mentioned in the introduction I am very sorry, it was a very painful choice, but I believe that to be done at this time. I wish Piero the best successes he certainly deserves and will soon reach. " In its place comes Pasquale La Manna, 56, a native of Visciano (Naples), from the 2007 to the 2010 coach of the Schio Femminile, first saved in Serie B, then led to the promotion in A2. "Specialized" in the takeover, in the last season he took over the leadership of the first men's team of the Asd Junior Monticello, in the Vicenza area, bringing him to safety. The new technician also has extensive experience in the youth sector, with two championships won. La Manna will conduct 5 in March, 2014 March, at 20, its first training session on the Taliercio synthetic, its first training session for the Net.Due Venezia. You can count on the collaboration, by the Company, of the sports director Dino Vianello and the secretary Giovanni Ruggeri. "I thank Mr. La Manna for accepting this demanding challenge - concluded Lorenzo Mayer - and I sincerely wish him, for him, and for us all, good work". Six games from the end of the season, La Manna will have about two weeks to get to know the team. After the stop on Sunday 9 March, the 16 there will already be a "truth game", against the New Team Ferrara (already beaten in the first leg) that precedes the 4 lagoons points in the standings, at the 10 place which guarantees salvation without play -out. Tomorrow should also be the verdict of the sports judge regarding the lack of dispute of the Net.Uno Venezia - Jesina match of last 26 February. Given the coincidence with the break in the championship here are some institutional appointments on the calendar:
- Thursday 6 March at the 16.30 in Ca 'Corner, headquarters of the Province of Venice, the team will be awarded by the sport councilor Raffaele Speranzon for the victories of last season and the change of category.
- on Tuesday 11 March, finally, the team will be received at 18 in the Patriarchal Palace by the Patriarch of Venice, Monsignor Francesco Moraglia for a greeting meeting.

The Company also confirmed important news from the Communication point of view: a youtube channel dedicated entirely to the team will be inaugurated shortly, and the website dedicated to the team at the new address (www.net-one) is already online. info), which, within a few weeks, will be enriched, structured with a new graphic layout and then updated daily.
The Company then wished to officially thank the Ferro family and the Finive family, for the great support given in this period for the support and development of women's football.

In Photo: Pasquale La Manna

This is the complete line-up of the Net.Uno Venezia Lido for the football season 2013-14: Roberta Cenedese, bomber of the team that carries the captain's armband, Luisa Cenedese, Maddalena Piana, Enrica Zavagno Elena Stefani, Giulia Cimmieri, Arianna Brotto, Caterina Cedolini , Giulia Piantari, Elena Buran, Anna Padovan, Martina Berni, Camilla Stevani, Marina Toppan, Chiara De Facci, Agata Isabella Centasso, Francesca Pradel, Elena Torresan, Angelica Spinelli, Greta Palombella, Rossella Busetto, Alessia Ghezzo, Sara Barattin, Lilian Johnson ,

With kind request, if possible, of publication.

This is the updated list of women's football at the Lido:
1 victory of the Veneto Championship (2012-2013)
1 Veneto Cup C series (2012-2013)
3 Promotions: (from D to C 2002-03) (2 placed and from C series to A2 2010-11), from C to B (2012-13)
1 Veneto Cup D series (2001)
3 Discipline Cup First Team
1 Junior Discipline Cup
Venice Lido, 4 March 2014
ACDF Net Press Office. One Venice Lido
for further information contact the numbers
349.2596233 or 348.7154369

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