Tuesday, December 10 2019
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Imola-football-femminile14VENICE - Without captain Funiciello injured, Filippi leaving for the rally of the national under 19 and Mr. Poggi disqualified, Imolese beat the Venice Lido with the score of 1-0.
The rossoblù need points to recharge the morale after the suffered and undeserved defeat against Vittorio Veneto last Sunday. The captain of the Primavera Claudia Soglia makes her debut as a goalkeeper and the goalkeeper Filomena Schiavo is called for the first time. Immediately strong Imola that, at 3 ', has a chance with Soglia, who does not collect a cross of Magrini. After two minutes due to a handball in the Venetian air, the referee decrees the penalty that Serena Cavalcoli fails.

The Venice proposes itself in front of Meletti only after 20 minutes on a corner kick with Cimmieri who hits the head but the ball goes high. The game offers few emotions, Imola thinks more and try first with Salvotti, 32 ', out of little and then, at 35', with Vancini who tries first directly on punishment then on the next rejected. In the second half, at the 9 ', the rossoblù took the lead with Antonecchia who took advantage of a deflection from the Venetian defense to steal the ball, turn towards the door and pull a diagonal that slips into the net. Antonecchia takes courage and after two minutes becomes the protagonist on the band: after missing the defense crossed for Salvotti but pulls out. At the 13 'is Magrini who tries but from too far and the ball is easily taken by the Venetian goalkeeper. The girls at home try to react with Brotto, a true protagonist in midfield, who tries to launch their attackers but the defense Imola close well. At the 25 'Emiliani enters instead of Salvotti and Antonecchia slightly withdraws to cover a bit in midfield. Threshold, replaces Filippi in the free kicks and takes the crossbar 30 meters, we try again at 41 'shooting from outside the area but out of the mirror. At the 39 'Moiani also enters to help Vancini to buffer on Brotto, but it is she at the 47' of the second half, in full recovery to provoke a small thrill in the rossoblu area. After a melee, he pulls a small area from inside but Meletti finds himself ready. Here comes the liberating whistle at the end of the match and Imolese takes home these three points in a difficult field and in the psychological conditions are not better. Now the Imolesi will have two weeks of break, one from a championship stop as a calendar and one for the rest. The 23 march against the Blue Star will be back at home, but in the meantime the whole team and the staff will enjoy the call in blue of Filippi that will go with the national under19 to play the international tournament "La Manga" in Spain, and the second representative call under 15 by Antonellini, Ferri, Papa for Wednesday 5 March at 14,30 at Zola Predosa

NET.UNO VENEZIA LIDO: Berni, Centasso, Burani, Cimmieri, Piantari, Busetto, De Facci (44 'St Piana), Stefani, Toppan, Cenedese Roberta, Brotto, A disp. Pradel, Cenedese Luisa.
IMOLESE: Meletti, Spada, Cimatti, Mancini, Cavalcoli G., Cavalcoli S., Antonecchia, Soglia, Salvotti (27 'St Emiliani), Vancini, Magrini (39' st Moiani). Available Slave, Sintini, Bandini.
Network: 9 'st Antonecchia.

Mirko Melandri
Female Imolaese Press Office acfd

Walter Pettinati
Author: Walter PettinatiWebsite: www.pettinati.comEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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