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sudtirol-girls-after-gol14Bolzano. After the Serie B championship, the CFS had to regain the match against Padova, postponed because of the snow 2 February. A victory was a must, in order to preserve the hopes for a possible püromotion. And the Mister Alberti 11 did not disappoint, despite the disqualification of Silvia Vivirito (4 days !!), over the injury of Menegoni and Settecasi, stopped until the end of the season. From the absurd defeat in the Derby with the Brixen of two weeks ago now the CFS has recovered well 5 points to Meda and all'Orobica, and now the South Tyrolean are only two points from the first: the championship reopens overwhelmingly.

Seven goals in the last two games (4 at Franciacorta, and just 3 at Padova) say that the team is reacting despite the defections. Now the championship will be stopped next Sunday, and then it will resume with uzna match that could be that of the turning point: Sunday 16 March will be played in Bolzano CF SÜDTIROL - TRADATE.
A one-way game that immediately saw a stake hit by Martina Brunello after just 1 ', and the goal is not long: at 11' Martina Brunello receives the ball and throws a torpedo at the door of Orlando: 1-0 deserved . At the 30 'is the turn of Faes that replicates with a similar goal made three weeks ago at Villa Valle and brings the team of Alberti on 2-0. A minute before the end of the first half Torresani leads right-wing South Tyrolean 3-0, although the referee had to consult with the assistant before coinvalidare, as the Orlando goalkeeper had blocked the shot of Torresani, but 30 cm. Beyond the goal line, then the goal is awarded by the referee Bonassoli.
Second half. At the 58 'and even more at the 59' Pasqualini could score but the first time the tip of the CFS is a bit imprecise, in the second occasion is good goalkeeper Orlando to deviate in the corner.
Enter Verena Erlache, Luciana Bon and 79 'Alberti debuts the 14enne Sarah Hassl, defense column of the Primavera team, last year still in the Under 14 of the CFS, and for Maurizio Scapin (Mister U15) and Ciacco Pontalti (Mister Primavera) spectators on the stands, a veil of emotion comes down to see their two girls play together in Serie B.
Now occoirre remain focused until the end, because everything is still open for the promotion speech.

CF SÜDTIROL DAMEN: Valzolgher, De Luca, Brunello Greta, Torresani (50 'Erlacher), Righi, Dengg, Dallagiacoma, Faes (57' Bon), Pasqualini, Tonelli, Brunello Martina (79 'Hassl) Trainer: Alberti

ZENSKY PADOVA: Orlando, Pizzighello, Sarain (79 'Rapesi), Fabbruccio, Facchinelli, DalPozzolo, Chilesotti, Gioffrè, Callegaro (62' Pauro), Ferrato, Giacometti (56 'Barzan). Trainer: Pepato

Referee: Bonassoli (BG) Ass.1 Mazzeo (BZ), Ass. 2 Runer (BZ)

Networks: 11 'Brunello M., 30' Faes, 44 'Torresani

Amm .: Rapesi (PD), Gioffrè (PD)

Notes: hot day, 150 viewers around

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