Tuesday, January 21 2020
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Assons MaraMozzecane - Franciacorta finally returns to score points and does so on a field where playing football was actually impossible. The Mozzecane pitch is still in conditions at the limits of practicability, but the race is disputed and obviously you can not expect to see a football match in these situations. A eulogy goes to both teams who have made every effort to entertain the 50 spectators present, putting in the field of competitive spirit and determination. For once fate has smiled at the Erbuschesi who take the lead over half an hour, thanks to an incredible blunder of the extreme defender of Veneto Mazzurana.

After the resounding defeat last Sunday, Miro Keci decides to change the form by switching to an 4-3-3 and mixing the cards. Between the poles Barbariga returns; the defensive line is modified only by the return from the first minute of Paganotti instead of Ghilardi, left on the bench; in midfield Barcella returns, while the attacking trident consists of Pandolfi in the middle and Gervasi and Gaspari on the side lanes. The fight on the median is very tight, while the goalkeepers are busy with the dropper. The locals are shown at the 18 'with A. Bindella who goes to the cross on the right, Rasetti comes from a great career shooting at the stars with Barbariga fuoricausa. The Veneto are more often seen near the opposing area than the Lombards, but in several cases are stopped by the flag of the second assistant. Merit of Franciacortine, good at keeping the defense high and not to commit smudging. At the 32 'Franciacorta passes to the rock face to the slightest: Gervasi crosses from the trocar, Mazzurana comes out well in advance, but instead of blocking the ball tries an improbable return of foot on the fly, shattering the ball dramatically. Gaspari is lurking and does not have to pray twice, depositing in the unguarded door. The landlords accuse the shot and can not find the reaction before the final fraction.

In the second half Mafficini replaces Mazzurana, a painful one-handed, between the posts with Colcera. The midfield discounts are even harder and it is Gervasi that costs the 3 'game is literally lame and is forced out, replaced by Gaius. In any case, the score does not change, with the heavy ground that is the true protagonist of the meeting. Colcera out anticipates Caio to 19 'and is always the n. 14 erbuschese to try the conclusion from the limit two first after, but the extreme Venetian defender blocks in two stages without major problems. Keci puts on the field Assoni at the 18 'and the young former Brescia repaid him nine first later, shooting on the offside line, primed from the rear and overcoming Colcera, appeared late, with a valuable spoon that actually closes the games. Mazza and companions close the dam and administer the advantage. To report only a punishment to 34 'for the Mozzecane, which Paganotti rejects on the feet of Santin but fails to do better than kicking well over the crossbar. For once the Erbusese win without suffering and without expressing a real game. Three important points for morale and because they allow the athletes of Miro Keci to overcome the Villa Valle, next opponent of Franciacortine in the race that will be played in fifteen days.


Networks: Gaspari at 32 'pt and Assoni at 27' st

F. Mozzecane: 1 MAZZURANA (from 1 'st COLCERA), 2 F. BONI, 3 CORDIOLI (cap.), 4 SOSSELLA, 5 CALIARI, 6 FACCIOLI, 7 A. BINDELLA, 8 SANTIN, 9 CANEO, 10 MECENERO (from 24 'MARCAZZAN), 11 RASETTI. All. Mafficini. Available: Rizzi, V. Bindella and Berzaghi.

Franciacorta: 1 BARBARIGA, 2 PELIZZARI, 3 MAZZA, 4 BUIZZA, 5 PAGANOTTI, 6 BARCELLA, 7 GERVASI (from 4 'ST CAIO), 8 SANDRINI, 9 PANDOLFI (from 18' ST ASSONI), 10 MERLI, 11 GASPARI (from 27 'ST GHILARDI). All. Keci. Available: Belotti, Ciocchi, Gandossi and Picchi.

Referee: Massimiliano Rasia of Bassano del Grappa; assistants: Damiano Bellini and Nicola Eminente of Legnago.

Notes: Day from the cold climate, with light rain in the first part of the meeting and field in precarious conditions. Present about 50 spectators. 1 + 4 recovery. Best on the pitch: A. Bindella (M) and Gaspari (F).

Author: franzbaresiEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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