Sunday, 20 October 2019
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Luserna - Sarzanese

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Sodini Simona

Against the taillight Sarzanese, which shows only twelve elements, the Luserna centers the fifth consecutive victory and, thanks to the simultaneous defeat of Molassana, is projected to second place.
Absent Zorri and White disqualified the Valais coach deploys a four-man defense with the re-entrant Trivè on the right, Bosi and the young Ippolito in the center, Boggio on the left. In midfield deployed in Turquoise low vertex curves, Gueli and Massarelli on the sides with D'Ancona to inspire the spikes Spanu and Sodini.
In the first 8 minutes the attempts of Spanu, Sodini and D'Ancona are frustrated by the visiting goalkeeper. At 13 'Spanu shoots in position of doubt offside, resist the return of a defender and after evading the intervention of the goalkeeper backs the net. The reaction of the guests materializes in an unpretentious conclusion and in an initiative of the Di Lupo with a cross from the right on which no companion is ready for detour. At 35 'on a free kick from 35 meters Sodini throws a powerful and precise shot that goes under the crossbar. In the next eight minutes served by Spanu and D'Ancona, the former bomber of Torino does not take advantage of three other occasions to round off the result. At the end the Alberti tries the personal action but is blocked at the limit. At the beginning of the resumption the guests try a couple of conclusions without consequences. At the 10 'Sodini still hits the target from the edge. After a conclusion by part ending in the side we reach the 22 '. The referee assigns a free kick from the limit to the landlords triggering the protests of the guests.
In the fray that comes on in front of the door, the quickest is Bosi who ends up on the net. Garramonte reiterates the protests and is expelled. Shortly thereafter, Maura Bruno made his entrance nine months after the crusader's breakup. At 28 'on a defensive misunderstanding the ball reaches the limit where Di Lupo has no difficulty in hitting the unguarded door. Now the Luserna has plenty of space on the counterattack that does not exploit with conclusions to the side or blunted by the goalkeeper, but nothing can at the 40 '. I extend to the left of Bruno who puts the ball in the center, where Sodini is ready and puts the seal on the race.

Sunday at Vinovo, guests of Juventus, the 23 home match against Castelfranco.

Campanino (from 35 st. Giovannini). Boggio. Bosi. Curcio. Ippolito. Trive. D'Ancona. Gueli (from 8 st Sosso). Sodini. Spanu (from 25 st Bruno). Massarelli. 12 Giovannini. 13 Rubino 14 Sosso 15 Bruno 16 Villa 17 Minniti 18 Carofalo. Allor Zorri

Sarzanese: Iemma. Ghirolfi. Garramone. Putti. Suardi .. Sacco (from the 5 st Battolla). Iacopini. Alberti. Di Lupo. Pascotto. Costantini. 13 Battolla. Attachment Di Memmo.

Networks. Spanu 13 pt. Sodini 35 pt. Sodini 10 st. Bosi 22 st. Di Lupo 28 st. Sodini 40 st

AMMONITE. Sodini, Sacco, Pascotto.

EXPELLED. Garramone 22 st

REFEREE Enrico Poggi di Lodi, ASSISTANTS: Barale and Terlizzi of Turin

Alberto Cerutti

In the photograph: Simona Sodini author of a triplet

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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