Thursday, 6th October 2016
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They still face summoned in the national team

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ASTEGGIANOSecond call in the blue for Noemi Asteggiano, the Cuneo Calcio Calcio's goalkeeper was again called by the Technical Commissioner, Antonio Cabrini to take part in the stage scheduled in Coverciano from Sunday 19 to Wednesday 22 January. After the November experience (from 17 to 20) to Novarello, the Cuneo player will face another three days of training and athletic tests together with the other twenty-three players called by Cabrini, in view of Thursday's 13 engagement in Novara with the Republic Czech, race valid for the World Qualifiers.

Double the satisfaction in the red and white house: "We are really happy for Noemi, she is working with dedication and this second call represents a great opportunity for an ambitious and talented player like her - declares president Eva Callipo. The number one from Cuneo, from this season is followed by Ferruccio Bellino of Asd Goalkeepers Academy, Portieri School of Cuneo.

But here is the list of the summoned, where as in the previous November rally, Noemi Asteggiano is the only player of the Serie B.

GOALKEEPERS: Marchitelli (Brescia), Giuliani (Herforder), Penzo (Graphistudio Tavagnacco), Asteggiano (Cuneo)

DEFENSORS: Manieri (Bayern Munich), Bissoli Nhaga (Graphistudio Tavagnacco), Di Criscio (Verona), Bartoli (Torres), Linari (Brescia), D'Adda (Brescia)

CENTROCAMPISTI: Camporese (Graphistudio Tavagnacco), Nasuti (Brescia), Rosucci (Brescia), Tuttino (Graphistudio Tavagnacco), Domenichetti (Torres), Cernoia (Brescia), Bonansea (Brescia)

ATTACKERS: Girelli (Brescia), Iannella (Torres), Gabbiadini (Verona), Brumana (Graphistudio Tavagnacco), Mason (Verona), Panico (Torres), Mauro (Sand).

Cuneo Women's Press Office

Enrico Manassero
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