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Imolese-feminine-col-Mozzecane thumb_medium266_200BELLARIA IGEA MARINA - Imola female gets the first success by taking the field of Virtus Romagna with the slightest advantage. The match is not spectacular and the two formations are contracted and fearful. The premises are shown with two kicks placed outside the mirror of the door but then go up in the chair at the 16 ', with a maneuvering action involving Spada, Filippi and Cavalcoli, stopped by the goalkeeper of Virtus. A minute after Vancini's shot from the edge of the area finds the deflection of a home defender with the ball that ends its run on the net. The Bellaria is dazed and so, at 22 ', a conclusion to the flight Jennifer Antonecchia laps the pole. Immediately afterwards the former Packcenter gets a punishment a few steps from the corner kick to the right of the goalkeeper City but Salvotti head does not give strength and the goalkeeper is on the ground.
At 27 'here is the most beautiful action of the entire game: Antonecchia takes the ball to the trocar, dribble two opponents and goes to the limit, pretend the shot but goes to Insinna inside the area but is unprepared.
In the counterattacks the Virtus Romagna tries to get dangerous going always in one against the defense of Imola but then no danger arrives for Ferraccioli. At the 32 'pt Filippi comes out after suffering a head at the left temple and enters Moiani. But before the tip entry, at the 35 ', Imolese missed a penalty with Vancini who can not corner well and City para. Imolese insists with Salvotti head on corner but the ball goes high. At the 42 'the Bellaria is dangerous with Zinelli that launches Damiani left free on the right wing but the excellent intervention of Ferraccioli prevents the shot to the net. It ends the first half and also the emotions of the match while Filippi is taken away in an ambulance for investigations. In the second half there are very few emotions with Imola that closes and protects the advantage and with the landlords who, while maintaining possession of the ball can never be dangerous. The only noteworthy Imola action happens at the 10 ', when, in the rejection of a corner for the Bellaria, the rossobl├╣ start in speed with Antonecchia who brings the ball in midfield, passes to Moiani who is laid out without compliments by Breccia, then admonished.

VIRTUS ROMAGNA: Citta, Cuomo, Ridolfi (1 'St Baldini), Bizzocchi (20' St Lombardi), Zinelli, Breccia, Damiani, D'Ippolito, Grassi (38 'St Fogli), Vagnini, Adejola. Available Marini, Mughetti, De Ronzo. All. Varchetta.

IMOLESE: Ferraccioli, Spada, Savini, Filippi (36 'pt Moiani, 21' St. Emiliani), Brienza, Cavalcoli (9 'St. Antonecchia N.), Antonecchia J., Funiciello, Salvotti, Vancini, Insinna. Available De Matteo, Magrini, Bandini, Benetti. All. Poggi.

Referee: Arace of Lugo.

Network: 17 'pt authorize Virtus Romagna.

Results: Mestre 1999 - New Team Ferrara 2-1, Castelvecchio - Gordige 0-1, San Zaccaria - Star Azure 2-2, Neptune Venice Lido - Vittorio Veneto 0-2, Virtus Romagna - Imola 0-1, Bearzi - Jesina 1- 0. He rested: Foligno.

Standings: San Zaccaria 10; Vittorio Veneto 9; Gordige, Castelvecchio, Mestre 1999 7; Blue Star 6; Neptune Venice Lido, Jesina, Bearzi, Virtus Romagna, Imola 4; New Team Ferrara, Foligno 0.

Mirko Melandri

Female Imolaese Press Office acfd

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