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Usseglio-DeniseOn the fourth day Juventus won the entire post for the first time, after a game played very well against a good Oristano. The young Bianconeri begin well and at the 10 'they take the lead with Moretti whose powerful shot from the edge of the area beats the opposing goalkeeper and brings his team ahead.
The match continues without major upheavals until the 20 'when the Pinna Romina takes advantage of an uncertain exit of Milone to sign the tie with a precise lob. Immediate reaction of the girls of Lami that immediately touch the second goal, 25 'punishment about 5 meters outside the area, is responsible for kicking Trapani, precise shot that slams against the crossbar, returns to the field hits the goalkeeper on the ground carambola pole and finally free defense. At the 33 'tight and accurate shot from outside the area of ​​Gueli, the ball hits the post inside the goalkeeper, but this time carambola on the net, 2 to 1.
Shudder at the 44 'when Milone does not choose well the time of the exit, the ball ends up on the feet of Pieri secluded on the left, just outside the area does not frame the mirror of the door unguarded.
Milone is redeemed a minute later when making a providential exit literally tears the ball from the feet of Pinna Romina allowing the companions to go to rest in deserved advantage. In the second half Juventus still increases the pace and the ninth minute puts the result on the ice, Gueli beats a free kick from the sideline, perfect cross in area where Usseglio with a quick insertion header head accurately and bags behind the goalkeeper.
Lami's team easily controls the match until the end and takes home a precious victory for morale. Mister Silvetti today disqualified, at the end of the match he compliments the opponents, an excellent team, especially from midfield and up, all have shown character, to put the right competitive spirit in the field and to have great desire for results, features that today he found in his girls some of them in his opinion today in the field walked. His team today had to give up three injured girls, but this is not always enough to justify the colorless test.
For Mr. Lami today his girls have maintained the concentration and pressed the opponents for all the 90 minutes, they knew how to react to adversity that even today were not missed, see double wood on 1 1, good circulation of ball and reaction immediate to the goal immediately, excellent pressing. Lami enjoys the deserved victory with satisfaction and underlines the importance of the result that bodes well for the rest of the championship.


1 Milone 2 Brochure 3 Falcon 4 Giuliano 5 Demo 6 Tomei 7 Usseglio 8 Drills 9 Moretti 10 Gueli11 Barberis
12 Ronchietto, 13 Gilli, 14 Ienopoli, 15 Longhin, 16 Rigoni, 17 Tosetto

Substitutions: Longhin for Brandimarte at 3 '; Tosetto for Barberis at 77 '; Rigoni for Moretti at 85 '


1 Pignagnoli 2 Pieri 3 Alien 4 Lay 5 Card 6 Carai 7 Bonati 8 Postiglione 9 Agus 10 Sotgiu 11Pinna Romina
12 Razzoli 13 Pinna Ilariai 14 Fais15 Deriu

Networks: at 10 'Moretti, at 20' 11, at 33 'Gueli, at 54' Usseglio


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