Friday, February 28 2020
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Fr-Mozz5Erbusco - Franciacorte win the fourth and at the end of a great race celebrate the historic victory on the Gialloblù of Mozzecane. A result of great depth, if you take into account that in the previous two races with the Veneto on the home field, the Erbuschesi had filled the bag, suffering two clear defeats for 5-2 in the season 2011-'12 and 3-0 in the first last year's Italian Cup round. The Mozzecane met today is certainly different than those, but also Franciacorta is no longer the square that must have fear of the great and today has amply demonstrated. Mister Keci confirms defense of the race in Trento, while midfield deploys Cappellini and Gaspari on the wings with Treccani and Sandrini in the middle. Forward is Roberta Picchi, flanked by Mara Assoni.
Immediately at 6 'Gaspari gains the bottom and puts in the area a low shot ball that Assoni ciabatta to nettles. Shortly after, the n. 10 erbuschese, but launched to the network is landed without too many compliments in the area by Culcera and a defender.

The referee lets it run incredibly. The Mozzecane, escaped the danger moves forward and finds the advantage at the first real opportunity. Peretti of fishing head Rasetti alone in the area that with a precise external right beats Barbariga. Franciacorta is struggling and at 23 'is likely to make harakiri with Fenaroli who involuntarily serves Caneo alone in front of Barbariga. The home defender is forced to exit the 16 meters and roll out the n. Venetian 9. Mr. Ravera of the section of Lodi, however, closes an eye and grace the franciacortino goalkeeper showing only the yellow card. The punishment from the edge is kicked by Peretti just above the crossbar. Barbariga must repeat the 29 'coming out on Santin launched to the net by the filter of Caneo, but this time Minerva manages to stop the Verona striker without committing a foul. Little by little the people of Erbusche resume the race and only a minute later they go close to the draw with Treccani's goblet that ends high. At the 35 'franciacortine riagguantano the result: Captain Mazza shoots in the heap, the rebound favors Peaks that tames, enters the area and with a precise low shot nell'angolino Fulcia Culcera. Little else happens in the remaining ten minutes and so we go to rest with the result of parity.
In the second half Mister Keci throws in the fray Gervasi for Assoni and Merli for Treccani. The move by the Albanian technician will prove to be spot on. It is in fact the Pendolino del Garda that at the 5 'of game trotta on the right, arrives at the bottom and puts in the middle a tense cross on which he pounces like a Gaspari hawk that breaks into the sack and signs the doubling. The advantage galvanizes the landlords who at 13 'could mark the trio: still Gervasi serves in the corridor the demoniac Gaspari but this time wasting kicking the goalkeeper out. The two green-orange wings are reversed roles shortly after when Picchi serves left William Tell who crosses the other side for Gervasi that from an excellent position kicks outside the network. Blaze Veronese with Faccioli who tries to 20 'a shot of rebound, but no luck. At the 29 'Gaspari still launched face to face with Culcera finds nothing but the deflection in the corner of the goalkeeper, wasting another golden opportunity. Yet another escaped danger gives strength to the guests to throw themselves forward for the remaining 15 minutes. At 35 'an insistent action in the area of ​​the city is resolved by the providential paw of a Ghilardi in a state of grace. A minute later Gervasi gives Rasetti the ball that instead of serving his partner alone in the area tries to shoot, but the central trajectory does not bother Barbariga. At the 90 'at the extreme Brescia defender, he freezes his back when a Marcanzian bell-shaped t-shirt makes the crossbar tremble. In full recovery the last gasp is still in the green and orange area, when Minerva providentially goes out to untangle the skein on the low cross addressed to Rasetti. Great joy in the field at the triple whistle. The Franciacorta wins and convinces and still shows to have all the credentials for a top league.

Networks: Rasetti (M) to 12 'and Peaks (F) to 35' pt; Gaspari (F) at 5 'st

Franciacorta: 1 BARBARIGA, 2 PELIZZARI, 3 MAZZA (cap.), 4 GHILARDI, 5 FENAROLI (from 27 'ST CAPELLONI), 6 TRECCANI (from 43' pt MERLI), 7 GASPARI, 8 SANDRINI, 9 PICCHI, 10 ASSONI ( from 1 'st GERVASI), 11 CAPPELLINI. All. Miro Keci. Available: Belotti, Ciocchi, Baroni and Gandossi.

Mozzecane: 1 CULCERA, 2 PECCHINI, 3 CALIARI, 4 SALAORNI (from 43 'pt BONAMINI), 5 BANDELLA, 6 FACCIOLI (cap.), 7 RASETTI, 8 SOSSELLA (from 19' st MARCANZIAN), 9 CANEO (from 11 'st MECENERO), 10 PERETTI, 11 SANTIN. All. Michele Mafficini. Available: Venturini, Giubertoni, Rizzi.

Referee: Giorgio Ravera di Lodi. Assistants: Matteo Sarnico and Andrea Locantore of Brescia.
Ammonite: Barbariga (F) at 23 ', Treccani (F) at 26' pt and Culcera (M) at 28 'st, all for intentional foul play.
Notes: Cold day with cloudy sky. About 300 spectators were present in the stands. Best on the pitch: Gaspari (F) and Rasetti (M).

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