The Sicilian Aces, guests in San Pietro Infine

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seraphim-Caira-executivesThird of the Championship for the Caira of pres Oliva. Sunday 20 the direct confrontation.
Championship started for the Caira of Mr. Serafini, who arrives on the third day of the Championship with a victory and a defeat, ready to show all the desire for revenge that exists.
The midweek engagement in Rome, as guests of the Totti Soccer School, allowed the Gialloblu to detach from the routine of training, with two mini-friendlies against the Totti Juniores and the Assocentauri Football of the State Police, but now the concentration is all for the guests of this Sunday, who will arrive in Cassino from distant Sicily.
The Acese Catania will arrive on Sunday 20, in fact, to confirm its strength in the league; now militant for years in the national category of series B (last year A2), the Catania team comes to Cassino for the second year, with a great desire to win; after the defeat against Lazio, at the first of the championship, and an easy victory with Salento, even the Acese is in fact to 3 points, and will certainly not leave the field to draws or defeats.
At the second round of the championship, against the newly promoted Tufara, a first half of the extinct Caira, concluded even with the disadvantage for one to zero, despite numerous occasions wasted and yet another unfortunate cross of captain Moro. Fortunately, the second half of the game has a completely different record; Castelli owner of the midfield recovers a large number of balls and allows the team a draw and then the advantage with a nice double. Finally, D'Angelo, with his first yellow-blue mesh net, signs the 1 at 3, confirming the result.
"On Sunday - declares Mr. Serafini - we brought home three points that must have been ours, but I was not happy with the team's performance, too many mistakes and sometimes too much confusion in the field they leave to those watching from the stands and even from the bench, a taste of dissatisfaction despite the useful result.We know we can do much better, but we still can not balance our awareness with the facts on the playing field.There is still so much to work on, but if the team manages to exit in this way in the second half, it means that the possibilities are there and physically we do not miss anything.The consistency of the good game must reach the 90 minutes, and it is unthinkable to allow the opponents to do what they want for such long play phases. "
So third day of the championship at San Pietro Finally, tomorrow at 15.00, to see if against the Acese the yellow and blue girls will do their best, as the coach asks and how the club and the fans hope.

Daniela Di Paolo

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