Valpolcevera - Luserna

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At the end of 98 very tight and hard fought, Luserna ticks 2-1 on the indomitable Valpolcevera adding more precious points to the construction of salvation. Always deprived of the long-term patients Bruno, Serafino and Ventrice the technician Zorri must renounce the feverish Toscano not even summoned and sends the weakened Daniele and Sosso to the bench. Morena Spanu in doubt until the last after the warm-up takes the field. The start of the Ligurian is aggressive but at the 4 'prank arrives for them. D'Ancona frees himself on the left and starts what seems to be a cross. Perhaps deviated by the wind the sphere exceeds the local goalkeeper and ends at the bottom of the bag. The reaction of the landlords is vehement and messy with so many balloons thrown into the area that they create furious mixtures that provide a series of corners. At 14 'an attempt to restart Trive' is struck by the Robbino who deserves the yellow card. At the 18 'Campanino in flight rejects the violent conclusion of the Canepa. 4 minutes later the other attacker Calcagno slightly outside the area on the far end of the Piedmont test proves the lob that is sent away by a defender. At the 25 'one of the turns of the race. Massarelli loses the ball in the middle of the field and a home attacker rushes towards the area. When he is at 2 meters from the end line and set back from the door, he falls on the Campanino exit. for Mr. Landoni of Milan it is a penalty kick and a warning by the goalkeeper. At the bar the Calcagno appears. The joke is violent but central and the Piedmontese goalkeeper, good at not moving, rejects with his leg. Two minutes later the Canepa frees itself on the edge of the area and ends up on the net with a touch on the first post. Zorri replaces Massarelli with Sosso taking back D'Ancona in midfield. When the first fraction seems destined to end in a draw at the 40 'on a vertical throw Spanu mocks the goalkeeper with a precise lob. In the second half a couple of dangerous conclusions by the Ligurians and for the rest a fight on all the balls leading to the warnings of Calcagno, Bianco and D'Ancona. Sunday home match with Caprera, early match at 14,30

Valpolcevera: Bacigalupo, travaglini (from 63 Favilli) Robbiano (from 84 Civitella) Figone, Piquet, Caprino; Rapallo (from 63 Tonelli), Trichilo, Calcagno; Pinasco, Canepa. All Pierro 12 Hyacinth 13 Head 15 Pedemonte 16 Aloi

Luserna: Campanino, Boggio, Bosi, Curcio, Bbianco, Massarelli (from 37 Sosso) D'Ancona Trivè Rubino (from the 65 Gueli) Spanu Mazzuchetti All. Zorri 12 Giovannini 13 Daniele 15 Carofalo 16 Villa 17 Minniti

Networks D'Ancona 4 ', Canepa 37', Spanu 40 '.

Referee Landoni of Milan

Ammonite Robbiano, Calcagno, Campanini, Bianco and D'Ancona

Alberto Cerutti

In the photograph: Morena Spanu

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