Tuesday, January 21 2020
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FEMALE ROME, C series the derby ends in a tie

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lazio-roma-posterRace fought even if Rome and Lazio play the C out of the standings.
The final result of 1-1 for the series C derby is valid for the 1 ^ Championship day. Lazio and Roma play off the charts and the roses are young, but they still gave everything to give life to a beautiful and hard-fought game.
The meeting sees a first time finish 0 0, with the Giallorossi coached by Mister Bonafine and Santoloci that from the outset are projected forward in search of the goal and that are stopped by the defense biancoceleste. Roma could often take the lead with Bartolucci, Pedullà, and Antonilli but the biancoceleste defense opportunely sends in a corner.
The second half is even more balanced. Lazio tries to push themselves and Rome gives the opportunity that leads the opponents ahead, in fact at the 15 ° Di Vito scores after a good act also complicit a 'misunderstanding of the defense of the Giallorossi. The reaction of Rome is not slow to materialize and around the half hour comes the tie with Paolacci who defeats De Paolis directly from football placed.
It's a derby for which each team wants to win it. The game becomes more fought and the warnings flake, until you get to the expulsion of Benedetti for Lazio. Roma, however, can not take advantage of the numerical superiority and the game ends with a result of 1-1 that perhaps does not satisfy the desire to win the two teams, but that is substantially correct for what was seen in the field.
The Next race will see Rome host the girls of the Rocca Priora starting at 17.30 at the home field Danilo Vittiglio via Verrio Flacco 41 (largo Preneste).

LAZIO: De Paolis, Roman, Latin, Autili, Cela, Iannetti, Benedetti, Amoni, Di Vito, Tomassetti, Tata.
All. Giancarlo Pela
available: Amoroso, Cucco, D'Amico, Fiorentini, Morina, Rosati.
Coach: Giancarlo Pela.

ROME: Rice, Santoloci, Tronca, Paolacci, Pellegrini, Monti, Boni, Chiappetta, Antonilli, Pedullà, Bartolucci ,.
at disp. Scarpellini, Porfilio, Bocci, Sgaggiaro, Mocci, Giuliani.
Coach: Nicola Bonafine,

MARKERS: 55 ° Di Vito (L), 66 ° Paolacci (R)

Resp. Communication
M. Quintarelli

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