Vittorio Veneto Permac 3-Virtus Romagna Bellaria 0

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Vittorio Veneto-bellariaVeneto First stop for the Virtus Romagna Bellaria, which among the walls of the coriaceous Veneto, collects the trio. First time fairly balanced, with the Romagnole able to contain the fast forcing of the premises. In the second half of the game the formation of Mr. De Bortoli changes face and ignites the spark with Cisotto, who at the 60 'cold Citta with a conclusion on the second pole. The path becomes more difficult for the biancazzurre who undergo two goals in ten minutes thanks to the new entry Cettolin at 72 'and 89'. The bellariesi try to react and present themselves from the parts of Cazzaro with Cuomo and Damiani, the local extreme able to defuse the conclusions. At the end try to sting Breccia, which from the corner kick impacts the head but the ball kisses the pole.
Sunday 20 October for the fourth day of the championship, the bellariesi will take the field at 15: 00 at the stadium "E. Nanni" Bellaria-Igea Marina in the difficult challenge against one of the favorite teams for the victory of the championship, Imola of Poggi.

ACDF Virtus Romagna Bellaria: Citta, Cuomo, Ridolfi (66'st Matrone), Bizzocchi (84'st Mughetti), Zinelli, Breccia, Baldini (75'st Lombardi), D'Ippolito, Grassi, Vagnini, Damiani. All: Varchetta.
CF Vittorio Veneto Permac: Cazzaro, Piai, Furlan, Da Ros, Salamon, Casagrande, Pancot (57'st Cettolin), Zanella, Cisotto (89'st Sommariva), Norido, De Martin (83'st Bottoli). All: De Bortoli.
Referee: Donda di Cormons
Networks: 60'st Cisotto, 72'st Cettolin, 89'st Cettolin.
Notes: Amm. Cuomo.

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