The Atletico Oristano beats the 3 Torino at 2 the Luserna wins of measure.

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sotgiu-oristanoAfter the defeat against Luserna, the girls trained by Mario Silvetti relaunched beating the favorite Turin. If this challenge was to be a test of character, the sardines showed it on the field. The race starts immediately strong, the landlords are seen by the former Polito already in the opening minutes with Mattana who fails to finalize. At 10 'are the guests to sign the advantage, a too risky backward favors Barbieri who finds himself in front of Pignagnoli (0-1). The Oristano tries to react by touching the goal with Mattana and Pinna. At the 30 'draw, Mattana bag without problems putting out the goalkeeper. The Piedmontese do not seem to accuse the blow and continue to play without fear. You return to the locker room with the result of a tie. In the second half, the Atletico Oristano comes into play with another mentality, just the one that during the week President Flore hated.
At 5 'sardines pass thanks to the combination Carta-Agus that catch Sotgiu ready to place on the bottom corner the well-deserved advantage (2-1). The match comes on, Turin wants the goal of a draw and tries to make the game but Atletico Oristano is well prepared in the field and leaves no space, even throwing forward touching the goal of the knockout. At 20 'the draw in suspected offside, the local defense is surprised by a lob that unloads Ponzio (2-2). For the girls of Silvetti is a low blow, the Torino galvanized by the goal of the tie, change gear and close to the advantage putting pressure on the opposing defense. The Oristano, cornered, can not get out and only plays in restart. At 15 minutes from the final whistle Postiglione triggers a great counterattack and serves Pinna who makes 3 to 2. In the end it is only suffering but the sardines take home the three points. Silvetti is satisfied: "the three points were fundamental, we suffered in the final but in the end we left the winning field". The sassarese Sotgiu breathed a sigh of relief: "in the final they came from all over but we closed very well, it was ten minutes of hell, we have to work, we still have to grow." The three points were important ".

Atletico Oristano. Pignagnoli, Lay, Bonati, Straniero (Carai 75 '), Agus, Pieri (Razzoli 65'), Sotgiu, Postiglione, Carta, Mattana, Pinna.R.
Turin. Polito, Savole, Dragone, Sorleto, Crisantino, Nicco (Tordello 72 '), Turisca, Eusebio, Barbieri (Dinner 80'), Savole, Pontius.

Sotgiu author of the Sardinian advantage
Piero Silvetti

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