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sudtirol-1314Cf Sudtirol is back in the field, after a week, for what will be a third round of the season that will see the formation of the Alto Adige challenge on the synthetic mantle of "Righi" the Lombard training of the Bocconi 1999.
The Sudtirol is back from the defeat of Meda, gained after a first of time in which the red and white team has built many but never capitalize in a winning way and coming out empty handed at the end of a match in which Real Meda definitely took better advantage of the opportunities also with a little luck that in football it never hurts those who bet on the full result. The challengers of this day will be the Milanese Bocconi team, which last year was positioned at the 6 ° place of Group C then won by the International at the end of a challenge against San Zaccaria.
The summer brought many new things to Milan, revolutionizing Mr. Adolfo's rose with the arrival of 9 elements: Rachele Roncucci, Annalisa Calvo, Elisabetta Wolleb, Arianna Granello, Elena Ripamonti, Alessandra Cecchetto, Monica Morelli, Simona Tosini and Emanule Tolda are the new faces of a formation determined to climb the rankings after the season of acclimatization to the category.
The Bocconi is back from a home defeat (2-0) at the hands of Real Bardolino although the team has shown room for growth compared to the first Mozzecane release.
We recall that at this meeting all 22 athletes will enter the field with a pink jersey with the inscription: OCTOBER MONTH OF BREAST CANCER PREVENTION in collaboration with LILT, the Italian League for Cancer Cancer. This is a sign of solidarity with the many women who have contracted breast cancer, in which prevention becomes fundamental to avoiding consequences that are often deadly.

SUDTIROL DAMEN BOLZANO - CFBOCCONI MILAN 1999 (15.00 hours, Campo "Righi" of Via Cadorna 25) will be directed by Massimiliano Rasia of the Bassano del Grappa section, assisted by Ernesto Perriello and Vito Antonio Mancini of the Merano section.

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