Thursday, May 21 2015
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First trip, just "out of town"

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Fiano-lazio2After the brilliant home debut of last Sunday against ACESE, in the second round of the championship Lazio will visit the Fiano Romano, a few kilometers from Rome. The biancocelesti, also thanks to the beautiful position of self-esteem produced by the first three points, enjoy good "health" both on a physical and mental level and have also shown it on Wednesday evening in the friendly against the Wisdom Tor Sapienza. Regarding the potential formation is almost certain the recovery of Emanuela Melis between the posts, while Alessia Cianci will be absent for disqualification and Valentina Lanzieri will not be available for the same reason. The Fiano Romano is back from the bad defeat suffered in the first day in Bari against one of the teams accredited for the final victory and certainly will redeem himself with a convincing test in front of its audience.

The team of presidentissimo Maurizio Demofonte, true deus ex machina of the company, capable of two promotions in three years, is team in the true sense of the word, very cohesive, hard to die, with a great sense of belonging and a large dressing room. The coach Daniele Nardelli is a great motivator and capable technician and will certainly be able to make the most of his eleven under the profile exquisitely tactical. We heard by telephone Mr. Seleman: "The victory on the debut has given us a strong emotional charge and the awareness that if we shake off fear and anxiety we can do excellent performance. But what I liked most during this week was the approach to training and the game played against Tor Sapienza. We trained with the awareness that to go forward on the right path requires commitment, humility and a lot of sacrifice. Sunday we will face a team back from a defeat and animated by a great desire for redemption. Fiano Romano is a training that knows how to feel good in the field and, if faced with the wrong spirit, able to create many problems. Last Sunday we left a lot of space and the opponent's field in the first half, suffering a lot. At Fiano we will try from the beginning to be in the game, hoping to express ourselves in the second half against Acese and to take home the three points ".

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