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Virtus-Romagna-bellaria-goalBellaria Victory of measure in the debut homemade for the girls of Mr. Varchetta, who, recovered some pawn, win the three points to the half hour of the second half, against a Foligno remodeled. The blue-white formation is strong: at the 4 'corner beaten by Zinelli, Grassi collects that does not find the mirror of the door. Goal opportunity six minutes later for the clubs: the corner of Zinelli, one-two with Vagnini, cross for the head of Breccia that is just missing the network. Bellariesi forward with an acceleration of Grassi 15 'who steals the ball in midfield, double dribble, the area limit but the host defense sweeps in the corner. Foligno shakes at the 19 'with a lash of Princes, but the sphere turns high. Action rocambolesca 29 'emerged from a backstage that surprises Citta and brings advantage of the formation of Mr. Coresi.
Do not be discouraged by the bellaris who try to react with a punishment by Vagnini at the 30 ', which however ends in Donati's arms. Five rounds of a hand and it is Zinelli who looks for a draw on a set kick, but the extreme guest is not surprising. Last minutes before the double whistle, the Foligno forward again with Princes who first unloads a right-footed shot in the heart of the area rejected by Citta from 37 and then at the 43 'he invents a cross-shot that crosses the whole area but that nobody picks up. The second portion of the game is a blue-white monologue, with Damiani who at the 6 'creeps into the enemy area and unloads the right, in two times saves Donati. There is still work for the extreme guest at the 11 'with a wild Zinelli showing a low shot at the second post, stretching out a Foligno one. Two minutes pass and it is Damiani who shouts for a goal, a cross from Vagnini, who is missing but misses seven. Punishment of d'Ippolito at the 19 ', Cuomo comes to head but Donati foils. It is played only in the three-quarter guest, with continuous flare-ups by Virtus Romagna: from the 35m to the 22 'Zinelli sees his shot fade a little over the crossbar and at 28' Vagnini tries a draw on a free kick. The goal is in the air and arrives right on Vagnini's own free-kick, which takes charge of the serve and trims a precise left to shoot under the poles crossing, for her the first goal in this league. A minute passes and the doubling of the premises arrives: long throw at the second post by Zinelli, on the ball the neo-entry Lombardi pounces, which impacts for the winning goal. For the very young white-blue tip first goal in this league. Last glimpses of the game, in extra time we try D'Ippolito for Virtus Bellaria and for Foligno with a long distance shot always Principi.

2 ° Serie B Championship Day Group C
ACDF Virtus Romagna Bellaria: City, Cuomo, Ridolfi (25'st Matrone), Bizzocchi, Zinelli, Breccia, Baldini (31'st Lombardi), D'Ippolito, Grassi, Vagnini, Damiani (43'st Mughetti). All: Varchetta.
Foligno Female Football: Donati D., Lattanzio, Morlupo, Princes, Bussotti, Desantis C., Ortolani, Bianconi, Fabbri, Desantis M., Ferraldeschi. All: Coresi
Referee: D'Angelo of Ascoli
Networks: 29'pt Bizzocchi, 35'st Vagnini, 36'st Lombardi
Notes: Amm. D'Ippolito, Bianconi.

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