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cimatti-simona-szaccariaS. ZACCARIA - The big match of the second day if he wins the San Zaccaria, which exceeds the fearsome Vittorio Veneto at the 'Soprani' and climbs to the first place in the ranking with a full score after only 180 'minutes of play. At the debut in the league in front of the friendly public the biancorosse receive a visit from the Veneto, a black beast in the last season and succeed thanks to a super and convincing performance to debunk this taboo. The chronicle. I am now the host of the house of Mr. Leandri to take the lead to 15 ': Sara Fratini to head into the area, on the rejected goalkeeper the young Alessia Prenga (class' 98) is the most skilled and packs the 1 to 0. Fratini herself could double at 24 'but her peremptory framed on Federica Moglie's corner is printed in the crossbar. The guests confirm themselves equipped opponent and at half an hour a good goal by Cisotto is canceled for offside;
still the dangerous Venetians with a free kick by Norido who catches the crossbar after a providential deviation from Miriam Bonaventura (35 '). After an attempt by Fratini a little high, the Vittorio Veneto comes to par with De Martin, good to exploit a defensive carelessness and to pierce the goalkeeper (42 '). The recovery opens with a blow and answer: first a shot by Fratini is saved by Reginato (3 '), a minute later we try the guests with a header well saved by the number one house. The San Zaccaria grows and pushes creating two big opportunities to bring forward: at the 13 'a framed Simona Cimatti (pictured) comes out of a breath; the red and white striker gets a penalty at 20 'on a corner kick. Federica Moglie is on the spot, but her shot hits a sensational pole. Again Cimatti tries to head with the goalkeeper to make good guard (22 '). To drive away the ghosts of the third consecutive tie against Vittorio Veneto and to give a very heavy victory to the Ravenna area is Cimatti bomber, who puts in the net an assist in depth of the new entry Silvia Locatelli, after a perfect triangulation between Piolanti and Cabrera (35 '). The last chances of the challenge is a turn by Locatelli neutralized by Reginato at the 90 ', then shortly after the final whistle comes to sanction a platinum success that extends to 23 consecutive consecutive results in the championship and launches the red and white team alone at the command of the classification.

S. ZACCARIA: Bonaventura, Quadrelli, Piolanti, Montalti, Wife (68 'Canini), Pancaldi, Mancarella, Cabrera, Fratini (75' Locatelli), Cimatti, Prenga (50 '
Gaburro). A disp .: Montanari, Santoro, Di Marco, Galletti. All. Leandri.
VITTORIO VENETO: Reginato, Furlan, Da Ros, Cettolin (75 'Pancot), Salamon, Casagrande, Simeoni, Zanella, Cisotto, Norido (75' Piai), De Martin. A disp .:
Cazzaro, Sommariva, Da Re, Piai, Pancot, Meneghin. All. De Bortoli
REFEREE: Dell'Oco di Finale Emilia.
NETWORKS: 15 'Hold, 42' De Martin, 80 'Cimatti.

Ivan Zannoni

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