The trip to Mestre gives smiles to the Blue Star

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Star-blue - team-2013-2014The Arezzo team equalizes 1-1 and holds on to one of the strongest teams in the league. The Blue Star, which took the lead with Elena Bruno, maintains its unbeaten character.
AREZZO - The Stella Azzurra returns with a point from the difficult transfer of Mestre and thus maintains its unbeaten in the women's league championship of Serie B. In the second round of the season, the newly-formed formation of Arezzo has faced the Veneto without fear and despite a field made heavy from the heavy rain, he expressed good game and numerous actions, coming to seize a nice draw for 1-1 and proving to be able to put on the ropes an opponent equipped to fight at the top of the standings and to try to go in Serie A. "We are satisfied with the outcome of this difficult trip - says Claudio Chiarini, general manager of the Stella Azzurra.
- We held the field well against a strong and experienced opponent, obtaining a positive result and keeping us in a good position in the standings ahead of six teams ». In Mestre, the Blue Star has been the protagonist of a good performance immediately, with many attack actions from the wings or in the central streets that have kept the Venetian rearguard apprehensive, often forced to resort to the phallus and to use the rude ways to stem the Arezzo attackers. Halfway through the first half the advantage of the Blue Star was born from a free kick, with a rare power shot of the defender Elena Bruno that has become unpolluted for the goalkeeper. In the second half the Blue Star started suffering in midfield, so the Mestre took advantage of it coming just after 2 minutes to the draw net and trying to overturn the score. The difficulty of the aretine lasted only a few minutes because then Mr. Massimiliano Pedalino ran to repair the median line and resorting to the freshness of some girls of the Spring, two moves that allowed the Blue Star to regain enthusiasm and to bring several times in the area attack with striker Giulia Bruci, even though he could no longer unlock the result. "These first games in Serie B give us so much confidence and hope - concludes Chiarini. - The good performance of Mestre demonstrates the value of a team that can play against any opponent and can take off great satisfaction in a national championship like the B series. So far there has been only a little 'experience to close the games and to achieve success, but we have received many positive indications from many players and we have launched many young players in the first team: we are sure that the first victory in the championship will not be long in coming ».

Arezzo, Tuesday 8 October 2013

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