Sunday, November 17 2019
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Luserna - Oristano

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LUSERNA - ORISTANO 1-0 Campanino

With a network of Alice Sosso, substituted at the beginning of the second half, the newly promoted Luserna won another three points in the race for salvation. From the beginning to the dances a header of Ruby after six minutes. The response of the sardines with Romina Pinna who after freeing three opponents on the short side of the penalty area, ends on the near post but finds the careful Campanino ready to deviate into the corner. At the 23 ° a high conclusion of the Sotgiu. Between the 33 ° and the 39 ° protagonist the Trivè with two conclusions in the area. The first ends at the side, on the second one, giving time to a defender to deviate. Rubino and Razzoli are warned for their mutual impropriety.

At the beginning of the recovery the Piedmontese technician Zorri inserted Sosso in place of Rubino. At 7 ° a great shot of Spanu ends just wide. At the 15 ° occasion for the sardines, Carta receives ball at the edge of the area all alone, could check but kicked off precipitously. At 19 ° the most sensational opportunity for Oristano; on a punishment from about 40 meters Carai starts a torpedo that would slip into seven, given the slightly advanced position of the home keeper who miraculously retrieves the position and with a leap deviates in the corner. At the 20 ° a conclusion by Curcio forces Pignagnoli to corner. On the subsequent action Romina Pinna is rejected by a short distance shot. At the 25 ° the turn of the match, still Curcio at the conclusion with a low shot on which Pignagnoli stretches for the deviation; on the ball that runs parallel to the bottom line comes first the Sosso from a secluded position can find the right glimpse to bag. The reaction of the Christian is vehement but clashes with the careful rearguard of the Piedmontese and on the cross, Campanino is the owner of the area. At 41 ° Spanu tries to close the game but the ball flies over the crossbar. At the 46 ° the last assault of the ever dome Oristano but the header of Agus ends a little to the side.

At the end of the meeting agree the two technicians in assessing the race balanced.

Silvetti "Who scored first won. We are a young and inexperienced team that must learn to realize the opportunities. We will need it for the future. Congratulations to Tatiana Zorri that I had in the under the young "

Zorri was satisfied and cautious "I was expecting a strong opponent and so it was. I am satisfied with the girls who were organized and aggressive as I had asked. Now we will continue to work hard and keep our feet firmly planted on the ground "

LUSERNA: Campanino, Bianco, Bosi, Curcio, Daniele, Massarelli (73 ° Minniti), D'Ancona, Trivè, Rubino (46 ° Sosso), Spanu (86 ° Toscano), Mazzuchetti. Available: Giovannini, Boggio, Carofalo, Ippolito. All. Zorri

ORISTANO: Pignagnoli, Razzoli (71 ° De Riu), Stranger, Lay, Bonati, Carai (79 ° Catgiu), Paper, Postiglione, Agus, Sotgiu, Pinna R. A disp .: Arzedi, Pinna I., Pieri. All. Silvetti

Referee Collareta of Novi Ligure

Ammonite: Rubino and Spanu (L), Razzoli and Postiglione (O)

Markers: 70 ° bone

Alberto Cerutti

In the photograph: Carol Campanino

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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