A BOCCONI absent, gives the first 3 points of the season

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mozzecane-bitesCertainly not a positive race that of the Milanese in the Verona area. Already the last two friendlies (Fiammamonza and Franciacorta) had left quite a few doubts about the entourage bleus. Yet the start of the race gave hope, Bocconi strong and immediately gains a punishment from the edge. Calcia Longo, Colcera fists the ball that impacts on the feet of Oleotti, a few meters from the door, but the ball that ends incredibly out. Pass 10 'and at 14' on the opposite front a punishment from Peretti's limit commits Ripamonti who saves by deflecting the sideways conclusion. After this first quarter of an hour played substantially on a par, the guests are transformed into "not justified absentees" in the field and the landlords do nothing but take advantage of it.
At 23 'the advantage of Rasetti who, anticipating Baronchelli on the opposite side, throws a cross from the left into the net that cuts all the Milan defense. At the 35 'the doubling: indirect free-kick in the penalty area whistled by Perenzoni of Rovereto for having recognized "voluntariness" in the last-minute defense intervention by Airaghi that in a slip anticipates the Scaliger attacker who was throwing himself into the net, ball then controlled by hand from Ripamonti (... but how does a tackle be considered a voluntary back pass ... ??? RULE n.12 [Indirect free kick "An indirect free kick is awarded to the opposing team if a goalkeeper , within his own penalty area, commits one of the following four offenses: ..... he touches the ball with his hands after he has been voluntarily kicked towards him by a teammate] Ed. unloads under the crossbar an earth-air that passes in a barrier not put in the best way.The first fraction ends with a weak shot from outside the Veneto stretched for a corner from the extreme Milan and with forward the Mozzecane and a Bocconi not received. Shooting that begins with Tolda and Wolleb in place of Baronchelli and Zullo. The Mozzecane rightly has a wait-and-see attitude on the 2-0 and relies on restarts to close the race, Bocconi for its part begins to grind the game without reaching conclusions worthy of note. You get to the 15 'of the second half when Airaghi, from a side foul, receives a ball on the short side of the penalty area and hurls a diagonal that nocks Salaorni's head with the ball that ends behind Colcera on the opposite corner 2 -1 !!! They pass 4 'and it is Oleotti who from the 30 meters hits the crossbar at Colcera now beaten. The visiting fans seem to believe in a revival of the bleus but apart from shooting the game has not seen other ideas to reach the same level. On the opposite side to the 32'st the landlords claim a penalty for a foul by Wolleb on Rasetti to the most obvious but Perenzoni a few meters ago to play. Only a small flare of Bocconi in the second half. Mozzecane that on the 2-0 contained the guests playing only on the break and risking almost nothing. Too little what was seen and done by the guests yesterday in San Zeno di Mozzecane, in the hope of a prompt redemption within 7 days between the walls friends with the other Veronese of the group the Real Bardolino who won 1-0 on the Villa Valle.
F.MOZZECANE: Colcera, Pecchini, Caliari, Salaorni, Bindella, Faccioli, Rasetti, Santin, Mecenero (3'st Marcazzan), Peretti (33'st Sossella), Caneo (28'st Giubertoni). Available: Venturini, Bonamini, Boni. All. M.MAFFICINI
CFBOCCONI MILAN 1999: Ripamonti, Lazzari, Pisani, Zullo (1'st Wolleb), Tosini, Longo, Baronchelli (1'st Tolda), Calvo, Oleotti, Povia, Airaghi (33'st Roncucci). Available: Guarino, Morelli, Zrouki, Baccarani. All. F.ANDOLFO

RECOVERY: 0'pt + 3'st
NOTES: Rainy day, not heavy field 60 spectators around

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