Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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gordige-13-14Football of other times today to the Cardinals of Jesi where the local Jesina against the Gordige gave birth to a meeting where the good game (of Gordige) suffering caused by adverse weather conditions, the desire not to succumb ostentatiously by the landlords are been the ingredients of a calcium that can rarely be seen in such and other categories. Despite the early morning hike, the four hours and more by bus, the girls of Cavarzere took to the field determined and eager to appear well in front of the new technician Mr. Trevisanello and only for the usual imponderability of football, crazy and unpredictable sport, not they managed to take home all the stakes.
Immediately starts with actions thrusting the Gordige race that with Longato and Marangon sank and put in difficulty the rearguard biancocrociata often awkward and impossible to react. But it was the hosts at the 17 to hit a crossbar with an impossible shot from the 25 meters of the Becci that will immediately come out due to injury (by the way ... best wishes).
Gordige's reaction was immediate and Longato, after making Cantori out, hit the post incredibly.
And immediately afterwards a leaden sky unloaded a fortune of unimaginable intensity on the pitch, thunder and hail, to the point that the referee was forced to suspend the race for about 17 minutes.
The resumption of hostilities saw the ball always in the hands of the guests who, with Longato alone in front of Cantori, had time to put down a comfortable lob that came out just a meter to the left of the goalkeeper leaning out of desperation.
But after so much pressure the Gordige passed: 39 'corner kick of a long series. Balasso triggered a long parable, and on the film already seen in other situations, on the other
part Melato bagged head in the middle of a defense playing the beautiful statues. In the second half the Jesina seemed to acquire a bit of courage trying some shy unrealistic action towards Maniezzo as when Monterubbiano did not take advantage of the opportunity and kicked badly to the side.
But at the 29 of the second half the action that reopened the race: a narrow duet in the area between Luciani and Monterubbiano was interrupted with a takle slipped from Melato on the attacker
national Under 20.
The referee decreed with a sigh of relief the maximum punishment that Mari confidently transformed by displacing the innocent Maniezzo.
Feeling hurt in pride, the Gordige was still attacking the house fort and Marangon on several occasions attempted the route of the network without success.
But it was Captain Balasso who launched the last roar at the end of the 4 minute of recovery: punishment from the 25 meters, the violent ball destined for under seven to the right of Cantori faded on the gloves of the extreme of home that with a prodigious leap touched in corner ... superb technical gestures for both players ...
Rushing to beat the corner .... but the referee perhaps fearing more trouble, I think, for the
hosts ... whistled the end. His direction is uncertain ... the authority was needed to suspend the race first without having to play for a while in very impossible conditions .... without talking about an intervention on Longato in the first fraction of the game in the Jesina area that from the stand looked like a penalty.
Then the well-deserved hot shower, the more than four hours with the bus for the return, and the next day the usual job.
Congratulations to all for real.


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