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Marika-BeleffiDurissima match at the Stadio Comunale of Arezzo on a beautiful field, ruined by the rain before and during the whole race, on the triangle come down the landlord Stella Azzurra, group that won the Serie C Championship and the Castelvecchio.
The two teams, aware of the stakes were challenged without exclusion of shots, focusing on speed and long shots given the conditions of the ground.
Departure Sprint of the team of Savignano sul Rubicone immediately dangerous at the third minute with the launch of Pondini for Guidi who shoots but is landed on the edge of the area, Lisi's free kick, Mazzola blocks. At the 15 ° the gialloverdi become dangerous with an incursion of Deidda, which finds a free space in the midfield guest and fits the limit for Farnedi who kicks to the side.
Repeats to the minute 21 ° this time with Beleffi who receives at the edge of the area is free of the defender but kicks out.
At the 27 ° ulterior occasion for the romagnole gialloverdi, that after a phase of "beat and rivatti" to centrocampo, the ball happens on the feet of Guidi, launched from Teodorani that arrives with a moment of delay.
Minute 31 ', the hosts are seen for the first time in front of the door of Romagna, with a shot by Pato that touches the post to the left of Pacini, until then inactive.
The Tuscan team insists and at the 38 ° action Pato Tabaku this launches the number three Atterini who kicks out in the middle.
At the 40 ° amazing action of the Castel, everything comes from a launch of Amaduzzi A. for Pondini, this sees shoot and serves Farnedi, who tows and supports for the shot of Beleffi with the ball that ends out.
It ends the first half and the referee sends everyone in the locker room for a well deserved hot tea.
Shooting back to the field still under a continuous rain and on a field that fortunately has a good drain with some puddles on the wings where the ball stops.
The Savignanesi resume the race on the false line of the first half with various attacks towards the Tuscan port but the result does not stop.
Minute 75 'great opportunity for the girls of Mister Nardozza; Amaduzzi M. launches Fusconi, who discards the defender on the left wing and makes a cross in the area, on the ball stabs Pondini but kicks high.
Still Castelvecchio five minutes later, down on the band Amaduzzi A. sees and serves Guidi in the middle of the area, but comes with a moment of delay and kicking badly.
The Castel insists the 83 ° corner beaten by Pondini free defense.
The race ends where both teams have given everything on a field made heavy due to the heavy rain and that the Castelvecchio, at points he would have deserved to win.
It is worth mentioning the debut in the B series of Morelli and the young Vicini class 1996 and Beleffi class 1998, fruit of the youth sector of the company of President Magnani.


Mazzola, Peruzzi, Atterini, Pitzus, Russo, Bruno, Montero, Marraccini, Bruci, Pato, Tabaku.
At disposal Virtuosi, Roccaforte, cantini, Gwiazdowska, Zeghini, Baracchi, Benigni.
Coach Massimiliano PEDALINO.

Pacini, Amaduzzi A., Amaduzzi M., Teodorani, Beleffi (46 'Fusconi), Carlini, Lisi (87' Morelli), Deidda, Farnedi, Pondini, Guidi (85 'Vicini).
Available Leontyeva, Montanari, Balacchi, De Astis ..
Coach Gianluca NARDOZZA.

Arezzo 29 September 2013
Franco Scolozzi Castelvecchio
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